Cinedeck Breaks Into 4K And Adds Latest International HD Broadcast Delivery Standards


Last Updated: February 5, 2014 5:27 pm GMT
(new York, New York--February 5, 2014) Cinedeck LLC, pioneering developer of capture systems for digital cinema, broadcast and post production, has announced significant new product and software releases supporting 4K production and the latest HD delivery standards now being adopted by major broadcasters worldwide.

With the new Cinedeck MX4K recorder and v5 software release for its RX3G and MX recorders, Cinedeck reinforces its hallmark capability to keep editorial processes simple and efficient by simultaneously capturing and creating edit-ready deliverables. With Cinedecks in the workflow, content creators completely eliminate time-consuming and costly transcoding processes, and can start post-production processes faster than ever.

The Cinedeck MX4K features two channels of 4K YUV10 30fps recording from 4K and Ultra HD sources, including the Sony F55 camera, while simultaneously creating edit-ready HD Master and Proxy deliverables, plus streamable H.264s. Cinedeck MX4K also down-converts the 4K camera feeds in realtime for on-set HD monitoring. The 4K, HD Master and Proxies are all simultaneously recorded to the MX4K’s embedded SSD drives, with edit-ready deliverables written to SAN for immediate access, and can be encoded to the full gamut of ProRes or Cineform profiles. Users can apply a variety of industry-standard or custom Look-Up-Tables (LUTs) to the Proxy, H.264, on-board display and HD outputs. Cinedeck will release RX3G and MX support for additional digital cameras, framerates, codecs and color spaces in the coming months via a string of software updates.

“Key differentiators of the Cinedeck 4K workflow, versus other recording options, lie in Cinedeck’s unique ability to simultaneously create HD Master and Proxy and streamable deliverables, while maintaining global file naming and metadata,” said Charles D’Autremont, founder and CEO of Cinedeck. “These capabilities are of great advantage in efficient content creation, as editors can begin their work immediately with the peace-of-mind that edits will seamlessly relink between offline and on-line processes.”

A prime feature of Cinedeck’s v5 software release for the Cinedeck RX3G and MX, is the addition of the AS10/AS11-compliant acquisition and delivery standards – XDCAM HD Op1A, AVC Intra-100 Op1A and D-10 (IMX) Op1A.

These new codec/wrapper specifications are championed by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) in the US, plus the UK’s Digital Production Partnership (DPP), and are being adopted by major broadcasters worldwide. Leveraged by Cinedeck RX3G and MX, these latest standards remove ambiguities during production and delivery processes, by including editorial and technical metadata, and ensure a consistent set of information for the processing, review and scheduling of programs. Cinedeck’s v5 software release also includes enhanced Edit While Record, EDL and H.264 support features.

“While there are other 4K recorders out there, all they do is… record. They deliver little or no benefit to the subsequent workflow,” said Suzette Ferguson, Cinedeck worldwide VP of sales and marketing. “With Cinedeck MX4K, the all-in one convenience of simultaneous capture and deliverables, plus the bonus of preserving metadata and file-naming, are a godsend for content creators. With Cinedeck there are no additional steps, technologies or costs in the workflow, so post is more simple and streamlined from the get go.”

Speaking about the new v5 upgrade Ferguson commented, “As broadcasters worldwide standardize on acquisition and delivery formats, Cinedeck keeps pace with their needs by adding the latest recognized codec/wrapper standards. This, and new operational features, elevate Cinedeck RX and MX to an entirely different level compared to other ingest and recording solutions for all manner of live, mobile OB and studio broadcast production.”

Cinedeck will show 4K on the Cinedeck MX, and showcase the new v5 software, at the HPA Tech retreat in Palm Springs, 17-21 February, Palm Springs, CA.

About Cinedeck LLC:
Founded by cinematographers, and headquartered in the heart of New York City, USA, Cinedeck manufactures innovative, touchscreen recording systems for use with all popular digital cinematography cameras. Along with on-set monitoring, playback and quality control capabilities, these recorders also unify camera-to-post workflows by offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of ready-to-edit output formats. Cinedeck EX, the industry’s first camera-mountable device, has proven essential to the workflow on hundreds of TV and cinema productions, and has won TV Technology’s “2010 STAR Award”, the “2010 Vidy Award”, DV Magazine’s “Award of Excellence”, and Studio Daily’s 2012 “Prime Award” for Best User Interface/User Experience. Continuing this pioneering spirit, Cinedeck LLC has addressed the challenges of the mobile OB broadcaster with its Cinedeck RX rack-mounted, multi-format recorder, monitor and playback system. Cinedeck RX was awarded the prestigious “2011 Pick Hit Award at IBC 2011” from Broadcast Engineering Magazine. The new Cinedeck MX builds on the company’s proven technology platform to offer fully-tapeless workflow for broadcast and cinema entertainment production and post. For more information, visit


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