Nunchaku’s Nico Kasakoff Uncovers The Goya-Fueld Champion In All Of Us


Last Updated: February 7, 2014 6:20 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--February 7, 2014) Los Angeles/Buenos Aires-based Nunchaku director Nico Kasakoff transforms an average toddler into an Olympic-strength weightlifter in the charming :45 “Champion” for Goya out of Dieste. The spot features a daydreaming mother who imagines the grand effects of her son’s fiber-rich Goya meal to amplify his physical abilities, trumping those of a professional bodybuilder to win a weightlifting championship.

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To make a splash for Dieste’s debut campaign for Goya, Kasakoff worked closely with the agency’s creative team to craft unique and relatable stories. To bring the concept of moms envisioning grandeur destinies for their children to life, Kasakoff paid careful attention to casting, ensuring that he cast actors with effortless and genuine maternal qualities for the mothers and talented children to fill the range of intended characters. Over the three-day shoot, Kasakoff worked with the actors to inspire nuanced and engaging moments that would leverage the campaign’s humor to deliver the message of Goya’s healthful and tasty products that make both moms and kids happy.

Notes Kasakoff, “It was enriching again to collaborate with Ciro and the Dieste team. This certainly inspired us to keep our motivations high in the pursuit of quality, and we were lucky to have a creative and collaborative team that made the campaign even better as we worked on set.” Adds Nunchaku Executive Producer Leda Nasio, “Unity, determination, hard work and passion was our formula, and when there is great teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved, such as this beautiful Goya campaign.”

Notes Dieste Executive Creative Director Ciro Sarmiento, “This was the first campaign we ever created for our Goya client since we won the business a couple of months ago. We required higher standards and knew that Nico and Nunchaku were the perfect fit for this. Nico is the type of director who can drive viewers to compelling stories and to interesting characters, the kind of person who enriches the creative process, from the advertising agency to the talent on set. We feel nothing but pride for the final product.”

Kasakoff and Nunchaku have established themselves as the go-to director/production company team for Hispanic market branded content. It’s been said that the Hispanic population will reach approximately $1.5 trillion in total spending by 2015, and overall, multicultural segments Stateside are greatly influencing the total market. For example, in 10 years it is expected that more than 60% of all U.S. teens will be Hispanic—teens are a momentous driver of societal change.

Dieste’s first broadcast campaign for Goya includes two forthcoming spots, also directed by Kasakoff and produced by Nunchaku.

About Nunchaku
Nunchaku has infused global creativity and production expertise into a diverse range of advertising projects since 2002. With a knack for absurd, witty and character-driven storytelling, the Buenos Aires-based production and production services company breathes a unique brand of energy and enthusiasm into every project they take on. Led by former agency creative and director Nicolas “Nico” Kasakoff and Executive Producer Leda Nasio in LA. Nunchaku, characterized for having a swift production prowess and visionary eye, aims to bring fresh and creative ideas to the US Hispanic market.

Client: Goya
Title: “Champion” :42

Agency: Dieste
CCO: Paco Olavarrieta
Exeucutive Creative Director: Ciro Sarmiento
Executive Producer: John Costello
Creative Director: Flor Leibaschoff

Copywriters: María Martinez, José Benitez, Carlos Wollenstein
Art directors: Salar Ziaie, Héctor Arellano
Head of Planning: Wegs
Group Account Director: Gio Villamar
Account Director: Mageline Concepcion
Production Company: Nunchaku
Director: Nico Kasakoff
Executive Producer: Leda Nasio
Executive Producer, Spain (BLUR): Mario Fornies
Producer, Spain: Laia Vidal
DP: John McCabe
Wardrobe Stylists: Lucia Beruti, Maria Gamero
Art Director: Jota Chacon


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