Bridge Technologies’ Simen K. Frostad Puts the Case for a Fresh Approach to QoE at TV Connect 2014


Last Updated: February 12, 2014 3:55 pm GMT
(Oslo, Norway--February 12, 2014) Chairman of of Bridge Technologies Simen K. Frostad will contribute to TV Connect 2014’s conference by putting the case for a fresh approach to QoE monitoring. Entitled "Objective QoE: Straightening out Quality Monitoring for the Connected Audience," the presentation will propose that in order to make QoE (Quality of Experience) monitoring a genuinely valuable tool to digital media operators, the conventional assessment criteria must be abandoned.

Conventional QoE monitoring grew out of subjective quality testing in the telecoms industry, and the attempt to translate this methodology to digital media delivery is inappropriate and leads to spurious and misleading results. By implementing a new QoE strategy based on the objective assessment of performance factors specific to digital media operations, providers can make QoE a precision tool in quality monitoring.

Objective QoE integrates closely into the overall monitoring strategy of any digital media provider, to enable greater assurance of customer satisfaction, and a more efficient monitoring operation.

Objective QoE: Straightening out Quality Monitoring for the Connected Audience, Tuesday 18th March, 15:00, TVConnect 2014.

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