95% of Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Powered by Wiredrive Customers


Last Updated: February 13, 2014 10:18 pm GMT
(Marina Del Rey, California--February 13, 2014) Wiredrive, the leading media-sharing and cloud-collaboration software for creative business, announced today that a recent survey revealed 95% of commercial advertisements aired nationally during Super Bowl XLVIII were created by Wiredrive customers.

“For most businesses, there are particular events that serve as informal measures of growth and achievement,” said Wiredrive CEO Taylor Tyng. “The Super Bowl has long been a way of gauging the impact of our service in the advertising industry. For the last decade we've seen more and more Super Bowl spots flow through Wiredrive. This year nearly every spot touched our servers during its production. We take great pride in knowing we’re helping the most creative companies in the world produce some of their most important work.”

Data collected from leading industry sources revealed that an average of 3-4 Wiredrive customers from different categories participated in the creation of each Super Bowl commercial. In some cases as many as 7 different Wiredrive customers worked together to produce a single spot. Customers included advertising agencies (20), production companies (35), post/VFX companies (26), music and sound design houses (16), and brands (3). Wiredrive was used to share and review treatments, scripts, storyboards, location photography, castings, art files, rough cuts, audio files, production documentation and sales presentation.

About Wiredrive
Wiredrive is the online media sharing service of choice for the world’s most creative advertising, entertainment and consumer marketing companies. Production, sales and marketing teams trust Wiredrive to simplify the logistics of creativity and securely manage their most important media assets. Wiredrive brings people and media together in a shared space where hard work and great ideas blossom into amazing things.

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