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Last Updated: February 18, 2014 11:22 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--February 18, 2014) NAB BOOTH #N314: At the upcoming 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in April, Samaserve, the exclusive North and South American sales and support company for the Nipros line of camera-agnostic systems and accessories, will show attendees how to get the most out of their 4K digital cinema cameras while simultaneously producing a 4K and full (1920x1080p) high-definition production.

The fully-configured, camera-agnostic, LS-750/850 Nipros Systemized Camera System includes: a Nipros sled, viewfinder, monitor, and fiber adapter shown here with a Sony F55 4K camera with a Canon PL-mount lens.

“The Nipros System empowers users to maximize the potential of any camera and, for any type of shooting situation,” said industry veteran Bob Ott, a Samaserve co-founder. “With optical and multi-core camera adapters, viewfinders, camera sleds, mounting plates, shoulder camcorder mounting accessories, and audio mixers, Nipros covers a tremendous range of production needs.”

In Booth N314, Samaserve will spotlight its flagship Nipros LS-750/GT camera-mounted fiber adapter system, which works with any 4K camera—acquiring and flawlessly passing simultaneous uncompressed 4K and HD signals - The new LS-750/GT camera-mounted fiber adapter system provides users with five 3G SDI downstreams directly out of the camera, as well as one return of 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI signals. All types of 4K plus HD, or five separate HD streams, can be transported simultaneously, with the ability to mix the five asynchronous 3G/HD/SD streams independently

The innovative fiber adapter also offers: Active loop-through output for each 3G-SDI input; the ability to transmit complete SDI signal payloads, including embedded audio as well as all ancillary data; Tally (green and red) signal transmission; Time code (TC) Input/Output; two lines of Intercom (PROD & ENG); full two-way camera RCP remote control; LANC remote control; LAN (Ethernet) IP communication link (100Base-TX); HD-SDI/SD-SDI & VBS/HD-Y return video transmission; high capacity power supply capability for the camera plus accessories. The optical fiber conversion system also enables signals to be transported (from camera to OB truck and/or from cameras to studio control room) up to 2 Km (1.2 miles) with 60W power or 200m (more than 650 feet) with 300W power supply over standard SMPTE 311M hybrid optical fiber cable.

“The LS-750/850GT fiber adapter system is designed to be completely flexible with all camera manufacturers,” said Sal Sandoval, another Samaserve co-founder. “Users can produce all types of projects with different cameras and ultimately get a faster return on their investment since they aren’t using a system that only works with one camera model. There is no need to maintain different fiber adapter systems for each camera manufacturer. The system supports five 3G HDSDI signals - that’s full 4K (using up to 4 HDSDI 3G connections) plus an HDSDI connection for live, simultaneous, HD transmission. This (5) 3G SDI capability offers overall simplicity to the system. Additionally, Nipros systems do not require additions like power blocks, power enhancers, etc.

The Nipros HDS 300 Camera Sled: This is a professional studio build-up rig designed to quickly convert most compact handheld or shoulder type camcorders from Canon, Panasonic, Phantom (Vision Research), JVC, Hitachi, Ikegami and Sony. The sled’s rugged aluminum die-cast chassis is designed to handle daily production tasks with a variety of professional functions that supports a wide range of optional equipment. This takes a non-studio, camera / camcorder and makes it ready for the Broadcast / Professional user.

Also included with the sled are multiple attachment points for accessories, such as the Nipros 7 inch, HDF-700 View Finder, and other essential items

The Nipros ES-Series of Multicore Systems: The Nipros ES-500 (for shoulder mount camera); ES-600 (base station, compatible with both 500 and 300); and ES-300 (for handheld camcorder) will also be on display.

ES-series multi-core camera conversion systems provide a cost-effective fully featured HD/SD SDI studio camera conversion solution for all types of handheld or shoulder mount cameras/camcorders. They can be used to transfer two lines of HD or SD SDI signals through a specially developed multi-core cable that incorporates two HD/SD SDI cables within a 26pin multi-core cable assembly.

This means both camera and return signals can be HD/SD SDI. It also supports video component signals, HD-Y return, camera remote control, tally, time code, power, etc., - all of which are transported down the one single multi-core cable. It offers high-quality and cost-effective field and studio production performance and an extendable distance between camera adaptor and base station of more than 50 meters (with a 50W DC power supply).

Nipros Shoulder-Mount Rigs:
The NEW Nipros ST-7S300 shoulder-mount rig is designed to offer an elegant, ergonomically pleasing solution unlike any other rig on the market today.

New HD Viewfinders/Monitors:
Samaserve will exhibit a brand new line of viewfinders and on-camera monitors for all types of live and studio applications. For example, the new Nipros HDFR500 5-inch full HD (1920x1080) unit provides the full color gamut HD image on screen without scaling, and supports 3G SDI inputs as well as HDMI inputs, SDI outputs, and analog inputs.

New Nipros Camera System Accessories:
Samaserve’s NAB Booth (N314) will also feature a full line of Nipros camera accessories, such as a rear lens controller (for zoom and focus demand) and several viewfinder interfaces for manufacturer-specific cameras that provide return video. This includes optional full lens control with the AS-1P for zoom and the FR-P1 for focus/iris.

Of note: Samaserve will conduct a live demonstration (TBD) of an end-to-end 4K workflow, in tandem with Canon, whereby a Nipros LS-750/GT camera-mounted fiber adapter tied to a Canon CF500 digital cinema camera will be shown acquiring and sending 4K raw information. The reusulting images will be projected on a large screen within the Las Vegas Convention center.


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