Boise Based Film Company Imperium Cinema Launches Operations


Imperium Cinema To Feature "Red" Cameras and Other State of the Art Audio, VFX and Post Production Equipment

Last Updated: February 20, 2014 6:26 pm GMT
(Boise, Idaho--February 20, 2014) Imperium Cinema ( has officially launched operations in Boise, Idaho. Imperium Cinema will provide Idaho filmmakers with the finest digital camera and sound equipment available anywhere, as well as industry standard grip and electric equipment, and a post-production facility. As Idaho's filming community continues to grow, Imperium Cinema will be there to ensure that the quality of film, television and video projects produced here in Idaho will be of the highest possible quality. Imperium Cinema will also feature a team of talented camera, lighting, sound, VFX and post-production artists that are available to execute or to train others on this amazing, state of the art equipment. Currently, Imperium Cinema owns two "Red" digital cameras which are being used more and more in major motion pictures like "The Hobbit" and "Ender's Game".

Imperium also owns the industry recognized, top of the line "788t" sound equipment that features 8 inputs and 12 track recorders with time code. In advance of this official launch, Imperium Cinema has completed VFX post-production work for acclaimed video filmmaker Tyler T. Williams. Imperium team leader Jake Fullilove served as Visual Effects Producer on this project and Imperium's Dustin Montierth was the VFX project supervisor. The project featured Boise's largest VFX team consisting of 7 artists collaborating in one workflow pipeline.

"Imperium Cinema is proud to bring our state of the art equipment and our team's collective expertise to filmmakers here in the Treasure Valley and all of Idaho," Fullilove stated. "Our team is passionate about film and film technology and is excited to contribute to Idaho's growing film community. With the launch of Imperium, we are happy to bring to all filmmakers in Idaho a real opportunity to make better films by offering superior equipment than has previously been available. We already have several filmmakers that have booked our equipment to film projects in 2014, some of which will feature our team members doing the actual production and post-production work. We look forward to answering questions from the Idaho filmmaking community about our products and services. I'd like to thank members of the local film community for their insight and support as Imperium Cinema opens to the industry."

"The launch of Imperium Cinema in Idaho is a strong indication of continued of growth of the digital media community in Idaho," Peg Owens, Idaho's Film Commissioner for the past 26 years, began. "Imperium's investment in the very best production equipment available reflects its commitment to Idaho and indicates that the state has made great strides in the media production industry in the last decade. Knowing Jake Fullilove, this investment is not just a blind leap of faith that something WILL happen. It is a statement that the young, energetic filmmakers of tomorrow are developing their craft right here in Idaho."

Local filmmaker Gregory James Green of Greg Green Films is planning to engage Imperium Cinema for both equipment and production talent on at least two planned features in 2014. "What Imperium Cinema is bringing to Idaho is amazing, really," Green began. "In 2011 we finished the editing on my film '3 of a Kind', which won Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Director at an International Film Festival in Houston. While I was very happy with the quality of that film, the 'Red' camera offers so many more options in terms of the look and style of the film you're trying to make. While the availability of technology like the 'Red' and sound equipment like the '788t' 12 track recording equipment is amazing to have access to, Jake and his team's knowledge of how to best use this equipment is what really sold me on Imperium Cinema. These guys know their stuff and, more importantly, I can tell that they have an old fashioned work ethic and give off the impression that they are here to service clients like me. I can't wait to start shooting for the chance to work with Imperium's equipment and its outstanding team."

About Imperium Cinema
Imperium Cinema is based in Boise, Idaho and officially launched on February 17, 2014. Imperium Cinema will offer the only industry standard camera and sound equipment in Idaho, as well as a fully functional post-production facility equipped with VFX, post-sound, and color grading technologies. Imperium Cinema also features an expansive team of collaborators that can operate this sophisticated, state of the art technology. Imperium Cinema's website launched on February 18, 2014. For more information on Imperium Cinema or for media inquiries, please contact Imperium Cinema's P.R. consultant Steve Zunich via email at


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