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Last Updated: February 24, 2014 5:23 pm GMT
(Pangbroune, Berkshire--February 24, 2014) Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, has today announced it is to show Project Parking at BVE 2014. Aimed at assisting editors and facilities to manage their Avid edit storage more effectively, the latest updates to Project Parking will be demonstrated on GB Labs’ booth P09 and Disk Archive’s booth L16.

“Project Parking is now in use in facilities all over the world including the likes of: Fox International Channels UK, the Czech public television broadcaster Česká televize and Austrian post house, Terra Mater plus many more,” explains Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis. “The clever solution enables production staff to prioritise projects by size, location, age, duplicated or orphaned files and then archive files to second tier storage, or delete unused media, take snapshots of versions of projects, or move from one location to another, while still maintaining a usable and easily accessible format for future use.”

Project Parking works by analysing all projects and media across all workspaces and allows them to be viewed in a user-friendly way. This enables the user to rank projects in the most appropriate way. This may be in order of total file size, number of files associated with a project, which workspaces the media is on, and whether media is off-line. The solution also identifies the location of any duplicate files and any orphaned media not associated with a project. The bin archive functionality in Project Parking then allows individual bins or folders of bins to be included or excluded in order to move media to second tier storage. Retrieval is also straight forward and can be easily achieved by restoring whole projects or just the required bins of an archived project for re-editing.

“This functionality is particularly advantageous as many facilities, tend to store content in various formats and locations including back-ups on tape,” continues Miles. “Project Parking enables the analysis, collation and back-up of whole projects and then for them to be restored when needed at the touch of a button. The complete archive and easy retrieval of all media projects, in-turn saves time and frees up valuable edit storage space.”

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Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today's fast-paced broadcasting environments, enabling broadcasters and other users of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. The company has considerable experience in integrating an extensive range of broadcast systems and devices, providing easy to use workflows via Medway, its widely installed interoperability engine.


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