Twist Signs Worldwide Creative Collective: Tomato


Creative Alliance Expands Both Companies Internationally

Last Updated: February 24, 2014 6:59 pm GMT
(New York & Los Angeles, United States--February 24, 2014) Under the leadership and vision of Twist Executive Producer Amyliz Pera, based in Manhattan, the well known and highly respected national production company has entered into a U.S. representation and production agreement with multi-award winning design and film collective Tomato.

Twist Executive Producer Amyliz Pera

The alliance gives Twist exclusive representation of Tomato directors in the U.S. market, and will see the companies joining together to create a wealth of original cross-media branding, campaign and content projects. Tomato's recently opened Los Angeles studio and New York office will be the primary partners for the Twist relationship, with close collaboration from Tomato's core London studio. Along with Pera, Tomato members Len Dickter (Los Angeles) and Graham Brennan (New York) will lead the relationship.

To view the Tomato reel at Twist, go here:

Often acknowledged as the industry’s first true “creative collective,” Tomato revolutionized advertising, design, branding and entertainment with their deeply collaborative working method, and intrinsically multimedia approach. As a company, Twist exemplifies a similar approach with its holistic career management of its Directors, and a unique internal sales force that works on a national basis, also operating as a collective under the management of EP Amyliz Pera.

According to Pera, the marriage of Twist and Tomato could not come at a better time. “I remember the day I was first introduced to Tomato's work and became a fan,” says Pera with genuine enthusiasm. “In a world of people who specialize, the idea of forming a diverse collective of highly experienced creatives and artists who regularly work together over a variety of mediums seemed bold. I’ve always put Tomato on a pedestal and, until recently, didn’t assert myself beyond being a fan and a friend with members of the collective. Over several conversations, we started to realize we have so many common features as organizations, and we just naturally fit together."

For Tomato members Len Dickter and Graham Brennan, Twist represents a dynamic new opportunity for Tomato in terms of client relationships in the U.S. “There are very few national production companies that have adapted themselves to the industry’s changes the way Twist has,” points out Dickter. “With a collective team model and internal sales force, Twist has positioned themselves for the future, and in a way that perfectly compliments our own ethos and approach. It's a perfect fit from every angle.” Agrees Brennan: “We believe it is these key components to the structure of Twist, which we mirror, that will lead to success representing Tomato in the U.S.”

Pera notes that Tomato brings a unique expertise and global attitude to Twist. “From fashion, graphics and type to directing/editing, environmental installations, branding, architecture and music, Tomato works on a truly cross-platform basis, which offers so many strengths and efficiencies," she says. “Twist and Tomato together can address the need for strategy and content execution, and provide creative solutions that work across all platforms, distribution points and budget levels.”

For Tomato, which has created work in over 35 countries to date, the partnership with Twist represents a new commitment to the U.S. and North American markets. ”With the recent opening of our studio in L.A., we were looking for a company with whom we could create a true partnership,” explains Simon Taylor, one of Tomato's founding members. “With Twist, we found the right company and people to do just that. They have incentivized their team, and at both companies, everyone shares in the stakes. They also have a very loyal group of people working for them, who support and work for the company overall. We believe that together, we can offer clients a very interesting point of view for their projects, and a diversity of experiences.”

Simon Taylor, one of Tomato’s founding members

Tomato member Michael Horsham reports that the collective is currently working on a series of projects around the globe. One highlight is a collaboration with James Corner Field Operations (who also designed the popular Hi-Line in New York City and Santa Monica’s newly opened Civic Center/Tongva Park) on the rebranding of Seattle’s waterfront. Tomato also recently re-branded Okinawa, Japan via a project titled “Be.Okinawa.”, and completed a multi-platform campaign for the United Nations that included global branding, content creation, international film contest and PR. “We are contributing to a series of projects, literally around the world,” says Horsham. “And bringing our talent to projects that incorporate branding, design, architecture and environments in exciting new ways.”

Tomato member, Michael Horsham

Among other current projects for Tomato is a deep creative role with SF tech start-up Calasi, which includes full branding, corporate identity, website, viral content and partnership marketing. The collective is also working on a mobile app for an acclaimed PBS series, and is in talks with the UN on several major 2014 initiatives.

The connections to music and art run deep at Tomato, appropriate given the collective first made a name for itself via a long term collaboration with the band Underworld. Tomato continues to work in the music industry via design, film and branding, and has recently partnered with legendary creative icons such as Brian Eno and Sir Peter Blake. Having first worked with filmmaker Danny Boyle on the titles for his iconic film "Trainspotting", Tomato recently completed the titles for Boyle's film "Trance", and supported Underworld in their collaboration on his National Theatre production of Frankenstein.

Known for their design aesthetic, which permeates all of their award-winning work, Tomato’s signatures are urban, sophisticated, artistic, innovative, interactive, empathetic and highly conceptual. This has attracted an incredible roster of global brands, including Levi’s, Adidas, Casio, Fuji Bikes, Time Warner, Ford, Unilever, Sony, Warner Brothers, IBM and Diageo. Tomato has also published several books on design, and their work has been featured in museums and galleries worldwide. In addition, Tomato has invented fonts, used reactive technology (sound, heat, light, etc.) long before it was common, and can handle extremely important strategic exercises like UI and UX, as they did for Microsoft and Sony. They were also commissioned in the Japanese market to create some of the first animated ring tones.

“This is not a company in need of a direction,” concludes Pera. “This company is artistically engaged, and we're going to invite people to plug in and be part of the Tomato experience. You never know what kernel of a project will become something special or turn into the seed for a future blossom. I want to invite the industry into a dialogue with us to continue merging art and commerce.”

About Twist
A global production company, Twist has offices in New York and Los Angeles. Headed by EP/President Jim Geib and EP Amyliz Pera, the Twist directorial roster features the diverse talents of Directors Matt Pittroff, Rich Michell, Chris Stocksmith and Marc André Debruyne; and the newly signed worldwide creative collective: Tomato.

Tomato Company Profile & Partner Bios

Tomato was founded in 1991 as a design and film collective, comprising directors, designers, artists, writers and composers. The group develops cross-platform, multimedia projects that are commercial, artistic and research based. Tomato works in the areas of commercial film and content, cross-media campaign development, branding, interactive and digital/app creation, installations, events and graphics/effects. They also engage in publishing, exhibitions, commercial art, lectures and workshops.

Around a core group of specialized practitioners, Tomato builds bespoke teams for every project, with members directly creating the work and responsible to the client. Open collaboration is fundamental to the practice, internally and with their range of agency and production partners.

To date, Tomato has created and produced in more than 35 countries, and its work has been recognized with over international 50 awards in the fields of film, design, typography, music and art direction. Its main studios are in London and Los Angeles, with field offices in New York, Melbourne and Tokyo.

Tomato Partner Bios:

Len Dickter
Len is an award-winning Director, Creative Director and Writer. He is Managing Partner of Tomato U.S., and has enjoyed a 20-year career creating breakthrough, integrated campaigns, films and cross-platform content for leading agencies and production companies worldwide. He is a former VP/Creative Director at Digitas, and a Group Creative Director at Leo Burnett. Len is also a Special Consultant to the UN for film and multimedia development.

Graham Brennan
Graham is an award-winning Editor, Director and Screenwriter. After a music video career that included artists such as the Rolling Stones and U2, he broke into television and documentary film, where he has edited and directed for numerous global brands, independent directors, and most recently, the UN. Graham also pioneered the use of film for multiscreen installations.

Simon Taylor
Simon is an award-winning film Director, Designer and Graphic Artist. He is a co-founder of Tomato, and holds 20 years of expertise in film, marketing, branding and cross-media content for leading brands, music artists, fashion labels and social organizations worldwide. Simon is recognized as one of Britain’s most acclaimed creatives.

Michael Horsham
Michael is an award-winning Writer, Graphic Artist and Multimedia Director. He is a 20-year member of Tomato, and holds 25 years of expertise in developing highly original and conceptual cross-media branding, marketing and content for major brands and organizations worldwide, with a specialty in way finding and architectural projects. Michael is also currently a tutor at the Royal College of Art.

Dylan Kendle
Dylan is an award-winning Graphic Artist and Commercial/Multimedia Director. He is a 15-year member of Tomato, and holds 20 years of experience in creating and developing highly evocative, cross-platform branding, marketing and interior/space design for clients and organizations worldwide. Dylan’s work in ethical branding and ecological design has also won global acclaim.

Jason Kedgley
Jason is an award-winning Graphic Designer, Effects Artist and Multimedia Director. He is a 20-year member of Tomato, and holds 20 years of global experience in developing visually breathtaking cross-media campaigns, motion graphics, film titles and visual effects. Jason is also deeply skilled at print design, and has created memorable branding, corporate identity and print/poster art for clients worldwide.

John Warwicker
John is a co-founder of Tomato, and maintains an active role in the studio’s production as well as new business work. Recognized as one of the world’s foremost Graphic Designers, John has applied his visionary insights across every possible medium — from television, digital and print to events, music videos, installations, exhibitions, architecture, concert staging, publishing, identity and branding for major corporations as well as contemporary and independent artists. His work as a Photographic and Fine Artist and his typography have also won awards worldwide. John is currently Professor of Design at Monash University in Melbourne, where he also runs a Tomato studio to support region


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