BRW Filmland Los Angeles’ Salto Brothers Get ECO Friendly For Chevy


Last Updated: February 24, 2014 8:06 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--February 24, 2014) BRW Filmland Los Angeles directors the Salto Brothers capture eco-conscious community in the charming new :30 “Day to Day” for Chevrolet out of LatinWorks, Austin, TC. The spot features one man enthusiastically presenting his dynamic, multicultural life in 42 miles; the ‘new’ American community.

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The Salto Brothers deliver their signature artful visuals with engaging performances to highlight a joyous life lived more efficiently with a Chevy Cruze Eco. Travel between the city and the suburbs is stylishly portrayed to match one man’s charmed existence, and also celebrates our ever-evolving nation.

Day to Day” opens on the man leaving his folks’ home in his Cruze Eco stating, “Around my world in 42 miles. I visit my parents: she’s American, he’s Mexican. This is my girlfriend: she’s Brazilian.” He and his girlfriend share an amorous kiss and a caffeinated beverage. He continues, “We drink Italian espressos. Then I ride with my dog: a German Shepard,” after which he drives with his raucous friends adding, “We listen to Spanish soccer. And I finish with boxing class: Thai boxing, that is.” A voiceover concludes, “The Chevrolet Cruze Eco… made to travel your world. It’s the new community.” The Chevy logo and tag “Find New Roads” close out the spot.

About BRW FILMLAND Los Angeles
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Client: Chevrolet
Title: “Day to Day” :30

Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, TX
VP, Creative: Hernan Cerdeiro
Associate Creative Director: Morris Davila
Copywriter: Daniel Lobaton
Senior Producer: Michael McLaughlin
Account Director: Kurt Kruger
Senior Account Executive: Richard Ramirez

Production Company: BRW Filmland, Los Angeles
Directors: Jesse and Louie Salto
DP: Russell Carpenter
Executive Producers: Gianfilippo Pedrotti and Peter Trucco
Line Producer: Hope Farley

1st AD: Michael Kahn
2nd AD: Erv Gentry

Production Supervisor: Jamie Tubbs
Asst Production Supervisor: Jenn Duffy


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