Location Managers Guild Of America (LMGA) Announces Nominees For The First Annual Location Managers Guild Of America Awards Recognizing Outstanding Location Professionals Achievement In Film, Television And Commercials


Last Updated: February 27, 2014 5:33 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--February 27, 2014) Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA) today announced nominations for outstanding achievement by location professionals in feature films, television and commercials competing in the First Annual Location Managers Guild of America Awards. The creative contributions of location professionals will be recognized, stressing their importance to the production process. The nominations were announced by LMGA President, Nancy Haecker. The Awards Show announcing winners will take place on Saturday, March 29, at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills.

“We are ecstatic with our nominees. They represent the enormous artistic contribution of locations to the vision, message and tone of production. We are equally excited about the eclectic choices in theme and content, as well as representation of location professionals from around the globe,” stated Nancy Haecker.


Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional - Feature Films
Ilt Jones (Iron Man 3)
John Latenser V (Nebraska)
Rick Schuler & Steve Mapel (Her)
Andrew Ullman & Lori Balton (Saving Mr. Banks)
David Velasco (American Hustle)

Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional - TV Programs
Robert Boake (Game of Thrones)
Patrick Burn (House of Cards)
Christian Diaz de Bedoya (Breaking Bad)
Caleb Duffy (Behind the Candelabra)
Veronique Vowell (Scandal)

Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional - Commercials
David Doumeng & Charlie Love (Nike)
Dale Dreher (America’s Got Talent)
Kent Matsuoka (Mountain Dew)
Barbara Miller (Optimum)
Byll Williams & JJ Levine (Gatorade)

Outstanding Location Feature Film
American Hustle
Fruitvale Station
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Outstanding Location Television Program*
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
NCIS: Los Angeles

*(Six nominees due to a tie)

Outstanding Film Commission
Albuquerque Film Commission (Breaking Bad & Lone Survivor)
Film in Iceland (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)
Film LA (NCIS: Los Angeles)
Long Beach Film Commission (Dexter)
South Pasadena Film Commission (Dexter)

Honorary Awards to be presented at the ceremony will be the Eva Monley Award*, the Humanitarian Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

For LMGA Awards sponsorships, advertising and tickets, contact IngleDodd Media at LMGAawards@ingledodd.com. Special discounts will be given to LMGA members, business members and AFCI members and exhibitors. Golden Oak Ranch is a Gold Level Sponsor. Silver Level Sponsors are Film SVI, Oakwood Worldwide, The Manor Hotel, Pasadena Film Office, Wyoming Film Office and Santa Clarita Film Office.

*About the Eva Monley Award: Eva Monley, the location manager on Lawrence of Arabia and The African Queen, was the go-to source for filming in Africa. A spirited woman, ahead of her time in every way, her career encompassed more than 60 films spanning five decades. She worked repeatedly with John Huston and Otto Preminger, and her credits include Exodus, The Man Who Would Be King, Empire of the Sun and Out Of Africa. Her global career took her to India, Hong Kong and Asia. The Eva Monley Award will be presented annually to an industry professional who has demonstrated ‘above and beyond’ support of the work of location professionals.

About the LMGA: The Location Managers Guild of America is an organization of experienced career professionals in the motion picture, television, commercial and print production industries. The Guild promotes awareness of the goals and achievements of its members to the general public and within the industry through creative, educational, and philanthropic programs. LMGA members are dedicated to the establishment of professional standards of personal conduct and business ethics. They support the formation of strong links with business members, governmental agencies and local communities.

The Location Managers Guild of America, founded in 2003, is a 501©6, non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and interests of members and relations with the general public, communities and industry partners. The LMGA is not a labor union. They do not represent Location Managers/Scouts in wage or working condition negotiations, leaving this responsibility to their unions.

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