LightSpace CMS display calibration system integrates with FUJIFILM ISmini, with Light Illusion made European IS-mini distributor


Last Updated: March 3, 2014 5:42 pm GMT
(London, UK--March 3, 2014) UK based colour management specialist, Light Illusion, has announced the integration of its LightSpace CMS colour management system with the FUJIFILM IS-mini 3D LUT box. With this integration, users of the LightSpace CMS can now perform automated calibration of any display using the IS-Mini as a patch and signal generator, under direct control of LightSpace CMS, building custom calibration LUTs that can be directly up-loaded into the IS-mini.

"We discussed with Fujifilm how LightSpace CMS could assist with user calibration and colour manipulation of displays via the IS-mini, and these discussions have resulted in the most advanced Calibration and Look Management workflow possible, directly assisting end users to gain the most from any LUT controlled colour environment,” said Steve Shaw, CEO, Light Illusion. “The ability for users to verify and perform accurate calibration when needed, and for on-set DITs to easily manage project ‘looks’, appeals to all users of the IS-mini, helping ensure high levels of expected image accuracy.” Through the use of LightSpace CMS the level of accuracy achievable with the IS-mini far exceeds any alternative, with LightSpace CMS uniquely able to directly control and manage each and every point within the IS-mini’s 26^3 LUT formats – that’s 17,576 individual colour points. No other system comes close.

In addition, the ability of LightSpace CMS to integrate with a wide range of calibration probes enables users to choose their own calibration workflows, and level of equipment investment. Additionally, to further support the global interest in the IS-mini, Fujifilm has appointed Light Illusion as one of the European distributers for the IS-mini LUT box, providing direct sales and operational support for all IS-mini applications.

"While the IS-mini has been designed to be one piece of a larger colour management solution, our initial customer interaction suggested working with Light Illusion, and integrating with LightSpace CMS, would increase its potential, opening up the IS-mini's capabilities to a greater level within the professional industry, where image fidelity is critical for all workflows," said Mitsuhiro Uchida, Technical Manager, FUJIFILM Corporation.

Integration with LightSpace CMS opens up access to ASC CDL and ACES workflows, both becoming more critical for digital cinematography shooting, and combined with the advanced calibration, LUT Manipulation, Look management tools within LightSpace makes the IS-mini the perfect solution for colour management within facilities and studios, as well as when used on-set during image capture. “Within the world of LUTs, colour and look management there is no similar box to the IS-mini,” adds Steve. “It is unique both in capability and price point, and is the perfect partner to the advanced and critically accurate colour capabilities of LightSpace CMS.”

About Light Illusion
From on-set through post-production to final delivery, Light Illusion provides industry-leading colour management and workflow tools for digital cinematography and digital intermediate workflows with a key focus on high-quality system-wide colour management. Light Illusion staff have numerous credits for feature film DI and grading work, as well as acting as digital film technologists and supervisors in building operational production and post-production workflows, and it is this real-world experience that is the basis for all of Light Illusion’s product development, guaranteeing perfect market application.

About the FUJIFILM IS-mini
The FUJIFILM IS-mini is a physically small HD-SDI-based digital color adjustment device box that holds a 3D LUT for display profiling and calibration, as well as on-set look management.

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