Multiplatinum-selling Rock Band, "The Parlotones" Save the Day in New Animated Music Video Created by Toon53 Productions


Last Updated: March 4, 2014 11:30 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--March 4, 2014) The Parlotones are a multiplatinum-selling rock band, based in Los Angeles, California (as of September 2012). They are known for experimenting with sounds and various structures in their songs, incorporating the typical doo-wop or traditional folk structures. They have just released their latest animated music video that Toon53 Productions have created.

This slapstick music video takes place in a Sci-fi world of magic and mystery where society is portrayed as these weird and wonderful creatures. While the city celebrates The Parlotones, they are suddenly hit with an evil soul sucking ray that is used to power an army of evil robots. In regular Parlotones fashion they are there to save the day and help their fans.

About Toon53 Productions
In 2008, Michael Robertson - an award winning animator - decided to open up a boutique creative production studio. This became Toon53 Productions and great creations have been happening ever since. Their work has either been aired on, or produced for, some of the worlds biggest brands. They specialise in finding a style that best suits each individual company, from channels such as Comedy Central to institutions like Momentum.


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