Mad Box Post and Spang TV “Discover” Big Foot at First Team Auto Group Dealerships


Team Up to Produce Broadcast/Web Spots for Free Agents Marketing

Last Updated: March 5, 2014 8:48 pm GMT
(Richmond, Virginia--March 5, 2014) Mad Box Post teamed with Spang TV, a broadcast and media production company, to produce a package of eight broadcast and web spots for First Team Auto Group, a Virginia-based group of car dealer franchises. Agency for First Team Auto Group is Free Agents Marketing, Richmond.

Mad Box and Spang worked closely with Free Agents Marketing on the creative, with Mad Box’s director Matt West heavily involved in the concept featuring affable First Team Auto Group salesman Harold, who just happens to be Bigfoot.

“What makes the character so endearing is that he himself cannot come to terms with the all amazing things First Team does for its customers,” said lead copywriter with Free Agents Marking Keat Powell.

“We loved the concept,” said Melanie Cox, executive producer at Spang. “Free Agents and the client were very open to the variety of ways we suggested involving Harold/Big Foot in hilarious situations, which included Mad Box creating a CG Pegasus wondrously landing on the car lot.”

West worked for months before the shoot with the agency creatives developing the perfect look for Harold. They started with the full Big Foot costume that was more familiar to audiences, but then decided to take a more subtle approach. From there they employed make up artists to begin working on mock ups and eventually arrived at the look that would ultimately become Harold.

Subsequent spots continue to develop Harold's character and feature him perusing the First Team website on his tablet, gawking at showroom banners, drinking coffee with coworkers and marveling at other wondrous offers around the dealership.

Director: Matt West of Whiskey Tongue
DP: Kunitaro Ohi
Editor: Autumn Dea
Colorist: Matt West
Post: Mad Box
Production Company: Spang TV
Executive Producer: Melanie Cox
Producer: Jordan Rodericks
Associate Producer: Erin Surber
Music: Jody Boyd
Sound Design: Andrew Uvarov
Audio Facility: Red Amp Audio
Agency: Free Agents Marketing
Creative Director: Laura Wagner
Art Directors: Bryan Farkas, Todd Williams
Copywriter: Keat Powell
Agency Producer: Tammy Jackson


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