With A Keen Talent For Casting & Comedy; Director Mike Nelesen Signs With EMA


Last Updated: March 10, 2014 6:13 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--March 10, 2014) National production company Envision Media Arts (EMA) has signed Director Mike Nelesen to the company’s commercial division. Nelesen’s recent H&R Block commercial was just named to TruTV’s “Top 10 Funniest Commercials of the Year” for 2013.

To view Mike Nelesen’s reel at EMA: http://envisionma.com/director/mike-nelesen/

“We are thrilled to welcome Mike to EMA,” says Andrew Halpern, EP/President of Commercial Production. “Though to me, he is a familiar and treasured friend as we have collaborated on a good number of successful projects, so it feels like he is back home. A good part of Mike’s power comes from his disarmingly easy nature and soft-spoken way. But he is beguiling because behind that façade breaths a strong Director who is incisive, fantastic with talent, fluent in the technical aspects of filmmaking while having a comedic range from a raised eyebrow to a deep belly laugh.”

EMA’s President & CEO Lee Nelson agrees that Nelesen is a perfect addition to the company’s growing Directorial roster, which also includes Director/DPs Scott Duncan and Peter Fuszard, as well as up-and-coming Director Mike Roberts. “Mike Nelesen is exactly the sort of talent we are looking to attract to EMA,” he adds. “Andrew has done an incredible job over the past year to build a group of very skilled Directors, able to address the current needs of clients today. This year, we will continue to grow our roster with Directors who at their core are dedicated to quality storytelling and strong collaborations with creative teams on both the production and agency sides.”

For Nelesen, the opportunity to join EMA came from his long-term relationship with Halpern. “Andrew and I have always had a great time working together,” details the Director. “And he and Lee as a team are a great creative force. I have watched them develop the EMA Commercial Division over the last year, and am excited to have an opportunity to join them.”

Bio: Director Mike Nelesen
Mike Nelesen is a subtle humorist with an empathic casting technique and a way with actors that gets people, rather than performance, to the screen. He also has deep production and post-production experience that spans genre and subject matter. Recent clients include McDonalds, TiVo, H&R Block, Baskin Robbins, MNsure, ConocoPhillips, Marshfield Clinics and Nickelodeon Universe.

Mike directed, shot and edited two “user-generated” clips for Nike that were posted anonymously to YouTube. Besides being picked up by tens of thousands of blogs worldwide, each clip can claim millions of views. One of the clips, “Randy’s Donuts,” was viewed more than a half million times in a single day. “Cheerleader Toss,” another of Mike’s early viral projects, was viewed over eleven million times. The clip still retains thousands of web postings today.

Mike worked with Best Buy, Redline Entertainment and The Rolling Stones to develop and produce broadcast and internet marketing material for The Rolling Stones’ four-DVD box set, “Four Flicks,” which was distributed exclusively by Best Buy and achieved five-times platinum sales in less than a month. Mike also directed broadcast campaigns featuring Sheryl Crow, Tony Hawk, Moby, and Elton John. For AMC Theatres, Mike co-conceived and directed four of the five wildly successful “Silence is Golden” mock film trailers, which played for cinema audiences internationally.

Mike has degrees in Literature, Theater and Communications. He lives (and bike commutes) in Minneapolis, with his wife and two children.

About EMA:
Founded by President & CEO Lee Nelson in 2002, Envision Media Arts (EMA) is a film, television and commercial production company based at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. EMA financed and produced “CHAINED,” directed by Jennifer Lynch and starring Vincent D’Onofrio, who won Best Actor at the Sitges International Film festival, and “CELESTE & JESSE FOREVER,” directed by Lee Toland Krieger, and starring Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts and Will McCormack. Sony Pictures Classics released the film theatrically in August of 2012 and last fall, the company’s feature film division, received a coveted Independent Spirit Award Nomination for “Best First Screenplay” for their indie hit “CELESTE & JESSE FOREVER.”

EMA’s newest feature film is “FREEZER,” an action/thriller starring Dylan McDermott, which shot in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and was released domestically in January 2014 by Anchor Bay. Mikael Salomon directed from a script by Tom Doganoglu and Shane Weisfeld. The company is currently prepping “COOK,” a drama, which will shoot in New Orleans.

EMA’s Commercial Division is expanding under the leadership of Lee Nelson and EP/President of Commercial Production Andrew Halpern. EMA features a diverse directorial roster with well-known talent, as well as up-and-coming filmmakers. http://www.envisionma.com


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