isovideo to Showcase Industry-First Stream-Based 4K/UHD/HD Standards Conversion/Transcoding/Transport Viarte Server Cluster at the NAB 2014


Last Updated: March 18, 2014 7:25 pm GMT
(Beaverton, Oregon--March 18, 2014) isovideo will be demonstrating the latest version of their highly scalable and efficient Viarte servers with stream-based, on-the-fly standards conversion/transcoding/transport capability. Also being demonstrated is a prototype of our upcoming product Vilan - an UHD capture/transmission server, for sending mathematically lossless HD/UHD/4k video in real time via 10 Gbits IP at NAB booth SU10211.

Fast Turn-Around Ip-Studio Workflow
Viarte standards conversion/transcoding gets a near-linear boost in throughput versus the number of Viarte servers, using isovideo's latest innovative, extremely efficient and scalable video splitting technology. This technology allows a network of Viarte server cluster to work together to dramatically increase throughput, while also allowing on-the-fly live IP file streams or file ingest, standards conversion, transcoding to multiple formats, and transport. Realtime on-the-fly processing dramatically reduces studio production turn-around, pushing out high quality file streams (possibly dozens for large clusters) in multiple formats, thereby allowing fast start of downstream workflow tasks such as:
  • archiving lossless compressed or high-quality compressed such as prores-hq,
  • proxies for editing or quick review,
  • preparing and sending files to streaming servers,
  • pushing converted files to NAS or SAN storage for IP workflows.

New Applications: Live feed and Archives Productions
Viarte stream-based processing opens up a whole new set of applications beyond file-based operation. With the Vilan capture server sending true lossless-compressed HD/UHD over IP to one or more Viarte servers, a continuous video stream can be received and processed by networked, GPU accelerated Viarte cluster in realtime and with low delay. Cost-effective Vilan systems can be used at capture/contribution to send either compressed lossless video (equivalent to uncompressed) or a camera-compressed IP stream.

Viarte low-delay splitting technology also enables years of valuable accumulated high quality archives to be made instantly accessible with various formats on demand (including different frame rate/resolution/ codecs, etc) with best possible quality. For, example, pristine 1080i50/60 or 480i60 material can be transformed on-the-fly to 1080p50/60, 3820x2160p50/60, and 720p50/60 and pushed to stream servers for immediate viewing.

Key Advantages
  • Superior Conversion Quality: Viarte's motion compensated (MC) deinterlacer is the only technology that offers GPU-accelerated realtime HD throughput with 100% vertical resolution, no visible flicker, and a substantial 17% average reduction in HEVC/H.264 bitrates. Viarte's MC frame-rate conversion offers smooth and clean video for any frame-rate in common use. Its adjustable, accurately simulated motion blur reduces playback motion judder when converting from higher to lower frame-rates. Added motion blur has the further benefit of significant savings in compressed bandwidth with subsequent H.264/HEVC compression

  • Low Delay: latency is less than 15s, from ingest to first output stream.

  • High Throughput: for example, realtime (or even faster than realtime) archive quality encoding, UHD/4k/8k frame rate conversions can be achieved with a large cluster. Note that performance is dependent on total processing tasks with given resources.

  • Highly flexible configuration: multi-concurrent conversion between any combination of frame-rate/resolutions/aspect-ratio/scan-type. Multiple codecs with a number of profile controls. Accurate output timecode control. Automatic handling of mixed cadence, and overriding erroneous metadata.

  • Highly efficient pipelined execution from ingest to final delivery.

  • Easy workflow integration via NFS, SMB or Open-iSCSI mounts.

  • Efficient scalability up to Class-C network capacity supports automatic and redundant server discovery, and synchronous individual server maintenance shut-down.

Viarte server installations at central facilities enable on-the-fly local transcoding via remote live feeds, avoiding sending multiple derived formats from capture, and thereby saving significant bandwidth. In addition, the cost associated with renting and operating standards conversion/transcoding systems at the remote event location can be reduced significantly.

Viarte was one of five winners of the prestigious Game-Changer Awards by the IABM/NAB 2013, and was recognized as having the greatest potential to revolutionize the industry by a panel of impartial experts.

About isovideo:
isovideo is an innovative start-up company in the digital media technology and servicing industry. We specialize in IP-based, GPU accelerated, video processing systems and services for TV/film, sports networks and media production / distribution. isovideo offers the highest quality, low-delay, high throughput, flexible Viarte standards conversion/transcoding/transport server systems, and best quality and fast turn-around multi-format content transformation services. isovideo's superior quality software tools includes a motion-compensated frame-rate converter, and a 100% full vertical resolution deinterlacer. For more information visit


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