XDT Showcases Catapult® Suite At NAB 2014


Announces free version of Catapult Server

Last Updated: March 19, 2014 7:30 pm GMT
(Melbourne, Australia--March 19, 2014) XDT Pty. Ltd., a developer of advanced software-based solutions for high-speed data transfers, is showcasing the latest version of its flagship Catapult suite of products at NAB 2014.

In addition, customers can now sign up for a free version of Catapult Server, which includes unlimited Slingshot clients and network bandwidth limit of up to 50Mbits. "We are excited to announce a free version of Catapult Server," states Erik Otto, CEO at XDT. "Users that would not usually have the budget to invest in proprietary transfer applications or who resort to FTP based solutions will now have access to our leading edge technology to meet their high-speed data transfer needs."

Catapult technology - High WAN and LAN data transfers:
  • Fast and secure software-based data transfer application that works over any existing WAN and LAN network.
  • Data transfer orchestration between server sites.
  • A comprehensive feature set for syncing, data migration, backup and disaster recovery
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating platforms across all server and client applications.
  • Perfect fit for all frame-based post-production workflows with its sequence-aware transfer protocol and optimized file I/O.

XDT's innovative Catapult technology has redefined networked LAN and WAN transfers and review. Its Catapult suite of products delivers unprecedented point-to-point performance by utilizing standard LAN and WAN networking infrastructure. The Catapult® protocol addresses the shortcomings of common network protocols such as FTP, NFS and CIFS and bridges the gap between local and wide area transfers, which extends to remote review of uncompressed frame sequences and in transit JPEG2000 transit compression. Using any standard network interconnect, Catapult® Server is capable of delivering the same local throughput performance of storage arrays between local or wide area network connected systems. Speeds of up 1GB/s can be reached over a single 10GbE connection.

About XDT Pty Ltd:
XDT Pty. Ltd. is a developer of advanced software-based solutions for digital film. Its unique Catapult technology redefines bulk data transfers over local and wide area networks for digital intermediate and post-production workflows. Catapult delivers unprecedented performance for point-to-point media transfers and high resolution uncompressed frame review over standard networking infrastructure.

For further information, contact XDT Pty Ltd, info@xdt.com.au, http://www.xdt.com.au


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