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Last Updated: March 21, 2014 6:55 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--March 21, 2014) announces the immediate availability of Style4Type, templates and typestyles that will change the way you think about Adobe Premiere Pro’s Titler. Developed by long time creative professional, Tim Kolb (Kolb Productions) Style4Type unleashes the potential of Premiere Pro’s Title Tool, underutilized by many users until now.

“Tim is a long, LONG time user of Adobe Premiere Pro and when he first showed me Style4Type I asked him how long it took to make the plug-in,” said Walter Biscardi, Jr. “then he told me it was all built into the Type Tool, he’s just showing us all how to take advantage of all the features. This is a ‘must-have’ in the toolbox of any Adobe Premiere Pro editor.”

"I've used the Adobe Title Designer extensively since it was introduced and I've always felt it was a bit under the radar for most users." said Kolb. "The goal here was to pull together a set of resources that better leverage this tool that so many of us already have."

Style4Type Premium features:
  • More than 250 typestyles in 8 typestyle libraries.
  • More than 150 templates.
  • Use ANY font with any typestyle
  • Lower Third and Frame Templates.
  • Floating Backgrounds and more.

You can try out 45 typestyles from Style4Type for free before you buy. This is a great way to see how Style4Type will enhance any production and help make your production stand out above the rest. Move on from the same old, tired font styles and step up to something new.

Style4Type Premium is available now for $19.95. Preview and Purchase Style4Type at

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While Tim’s focus remains video and media production as his primary career, he particularly enjoys marketing and development work, writing technical documentation as well as teaching for seminars, etc. He feels his work in each of these areas helps him improve in the other disciplines. “Having the technical background to fulfill the project’s production requirements is helpful, but understanding how to analyze and deliver messages to various audiences is what sets the finished product apart,” according to Tim. Tim has a deep interest in technical topics, and recently he has been working as a documentary DP (director of Photography) on a project in New England, and a director for several automotive industry projects.


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