Knox Avenue Launches at Maker City in Los Angeles


Last Updated: March 24, 2014 7:23 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--March 24, 2014) Knox Avenue, a brand-new, next-generation production company has opened in downtown Los Angeles at Maker City LA. Launching with a fully developed Directorial roster, many of whom are up-and-coming talents hand-selected by Founder/Executive Producer Brooke Dooley. The eclectic group of Knox Avenue Directors include: Debbie Formoso, Side of Fries, Gregory Tuzin, Noah Lagin, Maury Covington Jr., Alfonso Estrada, Joshua Moore, and Erahm Christopher.

A perfect home for Knox Avenue, Maker City LA is the evolving dream factory of Los Angeles with some of the city’s most leading-edge creators in culture, design, fashion and fabrication. According to Dooley, the building’s creative atmosphere is exactly in-line with the philosophy and working methodology of her new company; where nothing is impossible, and ingenuity is powered by imagination. Dooley says her company is dedicated to “great ideas and original storytelling, all connected by a mutual work ethic.”

During her work as a Producer and Development Executive, Dooley came across the Directors who now make up the Knox Avenue roster. “It was clear that these were incredible talents,” she notes. “I was sharing their work with other EPs, and then I realized: I didn’t want to let them go.” Not only was Dooley drawn to their talents, but also their abilities to work in new and different ways with ad agency clients, as well as brands directly. “We have formed our own creative business opportunities with innovative brands and organizations,” she explains. “I realized that I needed to take the next step in my career, keep all these talents together, and launch my own company so that I could personally manage these Directors and their projects.”

As passionate and loyal to her Directors as Dooley is, the admiration goes both ways. Writer/Director Debbie Formoso comments, “I always strive to create engaging work that is sincere, emotional, provocative and ultimately driven by the heart. Knox Avenue provides not only a place for my voice to be supported and heard, but also a home for it to thrive.”

Just starting out, Knox Avenue has already attracted some very loyal clients. "THE REEF loves Knox Avenue!” says the company’s Marketing Director, Sarah Joy Lagunzad. “Brooke and her crew of amazing Directors and Photographers have been great partners in helping us tell our unique narrative of building a creative habitat. Their professionalism and creativity are second to none.”

Yingli Green Energy Americas, Marketing and Communications Manager adds, “Our experience with Knox Avenue has been very positive. In particular, their flexibility in response to difficult schedules, shifting deadlines, and new priorities set them apart from other production companies.”

Under Dooley’s careful management and passion for the creative process, backed by hard-earned Producer chops, Knox Avenue is currently working on a series of new projects. The slate includes a commercial for McDonalds, a newly released music video for OONA, and Director Greg Tuzin’s video for ICANN, the world’s largest provider of Internet domains. Notes the Director, “Working with Brooke on this project has been an incredible experience. Her drive to do good work is really impressive. She has a lot of heart, constantly full of new and fresh ideas, but she also knows how to produce and have something there before you are asking for it.”

Lastly, Knox Avenue’s HQ at Maker City LA, located on the 11th Floor of the historic LA Mart building, also offers an array of production and post resources that can be utilized for a diverse set of productions; including a Media Lab with a pre-lit green-screen cyc, a photo studio, podcast studio, edit bays, full commercial kitchen, fabrication lab and multiple shooting rooms. EP Brooke Dooley served as the Consultant for the Media Lab at Maker City, as it was being built and developed.

Writer/Director Luke Rocheleau, one half of the directorial duo Side of Fries concludes, “I wanted to join Knox because I like the idea of having forward-thinking Directors in one place. It feels like a community where we can all help each other. I believe Knox is the new sandbox for creative minds. Come play.”

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MAURY: Cavalry Scout, Real Estate Appraiser, Filmmaking Student, Director - Maury Covington Jr. has been there and done that. His diverse experience fused with his innovative mind and as a result, he maintains a true talent at humanizing industrial and corporate products. He basically gives heart to steel.

DEBBIE: Debbie Formoso spends her time writing, directing, producing and editing. Oh yeah, and shooting too. She was mentored by the crazy talented Jeff Cutter and Matthew Libatique. Talk about a quintuple threat. Her work connects audiences with lifestyle pieces that speak to her personal style and make her stand out as a storyteller.

SIDE OF FRIES: Side of Fries is a comedy-directing duo made of Luke Rocheleau and Jordan Allen. With their powers combined they create memorable story lines with high production value. They write, direct and edit all of their projects. This creative force is not afraid to push the envelope with outlandish ideas and highly inventive concepts.

ALFONSO: What do you call someone who works with food, clay, figurines and people? A stop motion animator named Alfonso Estrada. He has an incredible eye for movement and comedic timing. We won’t go into the full list of heavy hitters he’s worked with, but it could involve Disney, Amazon, get the gist.

GREG: Gregory Tuzin cross-pollinates between multiple categories when creating content. He merges fashion, design and technology in a fantastical narrative for commercial and brand work that makes you feel more intelligent and hip just watching it.

NOAH: Globetrotter Noah Lagin is a passionate writer, director and editor. He masterfully tackles the unscripted nature of sports, science, food, and tech. You can catch him scuba diving, surfing or perhaps a game of pigskin on his Santa Monica turf.

JOSH: Joshua Moore lives in San Francisco and rides a vintage motorcycle. He is the proud father of several award-winning films and is constantly dreaming up more. His classic style and European influence give Joshua a wide appeal as a great storyteller.

ERAHM: Erahm Christopher inspires people to their core. Based in Montreal, Canada, he travels the world screening his documentary & narrative films and presenting unique programs to thousands of people in schools, government agencies, major corporations and non-profits, resulting in state legislation and youth development programs. He walks the talk.

BROOKE: Native of Northern California, she received a B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Since 2009, Brooke has produced over 50 productions including commercials, films, music and digital videos. She has traveled to Japan, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, The Czech Republic, France and Pakistan. These experiences have given her the knowledge, skills and capacity to be creative and collaborative, along with the awareness and ability to interact with financiers, investors, creative thinkers and developers. She currently resides in Los Angeles running her production company, KNOX AVENUE.


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