Production Mind’s New Scheduling Module Streamlines Film Pre-Production Workflow


Last Updated: March 31, 2014 3:57 pm GMT
(Budapest, Hungary--March 31, 2014) The new Shooting Schedules module for Production Minds pre-production management platform is a significant advance in workflow efficiency, according to filmmaker Bobby Marko. PMP now allows multiple assistant directors and production managers to work in parallel, combines all the production data into the schedule, and automates the communication of schedules and associated data to crew members.

“Being able to tie in all the pieces of production, scene by scene, and then streamlining the communication workload is brilliant,” said Nashville-based Marko. “Because everything is in one place, there’s no need to use calendars, emails and spreadsheets, as most film makers have had to do until now.”

A common approach to pre-production scheduling is to use a combination of calendar apps, mobile communication apps, email and spreadsheets. Apart from being time-inefficient, this approach entails the risk of crew members referring to out-of-date or obsolete information.

“For instance, if a schedule needs to be changed, often you would have to send a new call sheet to the entire crew via email. It's easy to overlook and miss someone who needed to be notified of the change. Now, making the change is simple – those already on the scheduled shoot are automatically notified of the change, and there’s no need to remember who to contact,” said Marko.

Because each change is time-stamped, each crew member can refer to the last update as the final version – keeping everyone on the same schedule.

The Shooting Schedules module extends PMP’s unrivalled ability to gather all the production information and make it available as a central, organized and authoritative resource, with real-time ripple-through updates when changes are made. Crew members can use Shooting Schedules to precisely organize shooting days based on all the information collected in PMP during pre-production – including casting decisions, location choices, department and equipment requirements, and all other relevant data. PMP makes it easy to prepare alternative versions of the schedule, discover timing conflicts, keep sight of upcoming tasks, and ensure that the entire crew is on the same page.

Based in a secure cloud and accessible through current web browsers, PMP is the only fully-integrated pre-production solution allowing multi-user, multi-location collaboration with interlinking of all data, automatic updating of linked areas when changes are made, and automatic notifications for affected crew members.

Scheduling is now available to all subscribing PMP users, and for free in a limited trial version from

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Budapest-based Production Minds develops the most advanced production management and creative collaboration platform for professional film, television and commercial video projects. The cloud-based Production Minds Platform (PMP) keeps film crews organized by providing access to a single set of documents updated in real time, with clearly structured project overviews, sophisticated access and version control, efficient workflow for film crews, and the creation of secure online archives for use in later productions. PMP is a powerful tool for use by script-based film and video productions of all sizes, from commercials through short and indie films to feature-film projects. The company was co-founded in 2011 by filmmaker/software engineer Gábor Kertai, former co-founder/IT-director of LogMeIn, and CEO Daniel Jonsson, former Managing Director of Red Dot Photo Agency and CRM Director of Scala Business Solutions. For further information, visit


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