Vidchecker-Cloud Provides Online Auto QC and Correction to Optimise File Processing for Large Volume Users


Last Updated: March 31, 2014 5:46 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--March 31, 2014) Vidcheck, a specialist supplier of intelligent video and audio correction software tools, has announced that the company's flagship product Vidchecker is now available as a 'cloud' version for large organisations, capable of running across many physical and/or virtual installations and fully scalable to cope with demand peaks.

Vidchecker-cloud only scales when required and is only charged on a usage basis in order to ensure that costs scale in relation to activity.

Vidchecker-cloud has been extensively tested on virtual servers and cloud systems and its full functionality is ideal for users with large, variable QC demands. Vidchecker-cloud 'instances' can be automatically started or shut down to allow dynamic sizing of the QC system to match demand.

The result is that Vidchecker-cloud users can directly relate QC expenditures to project costs, or costs that can be billed back to clients.

Vidchecker-cloud has a web-based UI and retains the ease-of-use features of Vidchecker - and crucially on a pay-per-use system - provide QC processing many times faster than other cloud QC solutions running on similar hardware.

In addition, Vidchecker-cloud provides automated correction of the most common video and audio errors in media files, which is absolutely vital as it eliminates the painstaking and costly process of repeating the QC process after manual corrections are conducted.

Vidchecker-cloud integrates directly with many third party systems. As a result, customers can optimize all processing in the cloud - file ingest, storage, QC, transcode, QC after transcode and delivery - with a set of solutions already known to interoperate seamlessly with existing systems.

About Vidcheck
Vidcheck is a specialist supplier of software tools for broadcasters for checking and intelligent correction of video and audio in file-based media. Vidcheck personnel have unrivalled experience in the QC of file-based video, having been closely involved in this market from the start.

Vidchecker is an award-winning software-only automated quality control package, providing a comprehensive check of the overall file, video and audio parameters in file-based media.

Currently in use with most major broadcasters and with content distributors, archive organisations and post production companies, Vidchecker focuses on checking the parameters and settings that people typically get wrong in preparation and exchange of file-based media between post production, distribution and broadcast.
Using the latest software technology, it automatically takes advantage of multi-core and multi-thread processors to process multiple files simultaneously and quickly.

Vidcheck's products Vidchecker, Vidfixer and Vidapps will be demonstrated at NAB 2014, Las Vegas 7-10 April, Booth N4120 (UK pavilion).


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