Messed Up Kids: Cut+Run’s Sam Ostrove Edits Evocative Andrew Douglas-directed Jake Bugg Music Video


Last Updated: March 31, 2014 10:21 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--March 31, 2014) A gritty East London estate and a party of ‘messed up kids’ provide the backdrop for Jake Bugg’s latest EP from his just-released album Shangri La. Inspired by the work of British photographers such as Chris Killip, ‘Messed up Kids,’ Directed by Andrew Douglas, mirrors the 20 year-old singer songwriter’s current place in life; feeling estranged from the kid he once was and disconnected from the place he used to call home.

“I don’t really live anywhere at the moment as I’m always on the road. Now after everything that has happened, going back feels crazy: I’m somebody looking in from the outside.”-- Jake Bugg.

The music video, shot at an ultra high frame rate tracking across the dynamic streets of Bow opens with a spoken interview with Jake Bugg before launching into the artist’s new single. Sam Ostrove’s seamless edit plunges viewers in the middle of the frenetic narrative, drawing the eye and refocusing on details shrouded in the black and white metropolis, hauntingly directed by Andrew Douglas.

According to editor Sam Ostrove, “It was about finding a 'surveillance' technique that looked polished and didn't rely on external effects. I confined myself to only using frame cutting and single frame edits with resizes across cuts to make everything feel seamless. With 1000 frames per second to play with, I knew something special could be achieved.

I wanted it to feel like you're assessing a scene you've just watched,” Ostrove continues. “When it swings back through during the choruses, we scope around, finding out things about the characters and uncovering nuances about the scene. Our hope was to leave the viewer with unanswered questions, wanting more.”

Watch “Messed Up Kids” unfold here:

Music Artist: Jake Bugg
Label: Mercury

Prodco: Untitled
Director: Andrew Douglas
EP: Natalie Arnett
Producer: Sonya Sier
DOP: Justin Brown

Editorial Company: Cut+Run
Editor: Sam Ostrove

VFX/Post: Cut+Run
Creative Director: David Carter
Producer: Liz Lydecker

Color: Sofie Borup @ CO3


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