New Style Tripod System “ALLEX”


Last Updated: April 2, 2014 3:05 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 2, 2014) Libec will launch ALLEX, the new tripod system for small cameras at the upcoming NAB2014 from April 7th through 10th.

ALLEX, our new style tripod system, provides greater usability than ever by perfectly performing the following three movements; pan, tilt, and slide. The ALLEX system is consist of "ALLEX H," a 75mm ball head, "ALLEX T," a 75mm ball diameter tripod, and "ALLEX S," a 800mm/31.5" -length slider. "ALLEX H" has a Dual-head design that enables attachment to both 75mm bowl and flat base tripods, and could be attached to the slider platform of "ALLEX S". Moreover, "ALLEX S" could be installed to "ALLEX T" or any other 75mm ball diameter tripods by using the tripod mount adapter and the bowl clamp which both come with the set.

Sliders are quite often used with tripods, and a head needs to be installed on its platform in order to mount a camera. Most sliders in the market have poor comaptibility to tripods and heads, thus one must additionally purchase new accessories and combine them to achieve an ideal and effective shooting style. Libec's ALLEX system on the other hand, offers a combination of the head, tripod, and slider, which is very simple yet extremely convenient and effective for all shooting purposes at a surprisingly competitive price.

Dual Head
With a maximum payload capacity of 4kg/9lb, "ALLEX H" has a one-touch attachment and release slide plate
with a 40mm sliding range, and a LED bubble level, making it highly functional, but yet weighing only 1.3kg/2.9lb.
"ALLEX H" is a multi-functional head, having a Dual-head design which makes it attachable to both 75mm ball and flat base tripods, and could be mounted not only to sliders but also skater dollies, and other equipment as well.

Ultralight Tripod
In spite of its lightweight of only 2.5kg/5.5lb, the ALLEX tripod has significantly higher rigidity than our existing compact tripods. This supreme rigidity is achieved by its newly modified leg stoppers. Moreover, not only high rigidity but also a perfect stability is provided by its extendable brace and spikes integrated with foot pads.

30" Ultra Smooth Slider
A perfect slider shooting with a smooth and delicate controllability.
This is achieved by the eight high-performance ball bearings applied with specific grease, which are installed to the slider platform. The ball bearings are positioned efficiently on the rail top and at an angle on the other side, sandwiching the rail, to prevent wobbling during operation.

In addition, the tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp are included in the set, so that "ALLEX S" could be directly mounted onto any 75mm tripods without getting a half-ball adapter from other manufacturers.


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