Cache-A Unveils Automated Archive Workflow Features at NAB 2014 (Booth #SL9027)


Workflow Templates and Incremental Archiving Improve Efficiency and Insurance

Last Updated: April 2, 2014 3:09 pm GMT
(Golden, Colorado--April 2, 2014) Cache-A Corporation, manufacturer of award-winning archiving appliances for the media and entertainment industry, will unveil key new features – Workflow Templates and Incremental Archiving – that can be used to automate a range of regular, essential and time-consuming LTO-tape archive tasks, and deliver greater levels of asset protection insurance, during NAB 2014, Las Vegas, at Cache-A Booth #SL9027.

With the new Workflow Templates capability Cache-A users can create, run manually or automate, and schedule a wide range of background archive tasks and routines with a wide range of connected devices. Workflow Templates work with all Cache-A archive appliances with a free software upgrade.

A powerful feature of Workflow Templates is the ability to create Incremental Archives – to set-up regular, automatic LTFS LTO-tape copying of only those files that are new or have changed since the last archive was made.

The main advantage of Incremental Archiving is that fewer files are copied in the period between full archive sessions, which means that less tape is used and archive sessions are shorter. Furthermore, automating regular archive sessions increases peace-of-mind that assets are secure on an on-going basis.

A further advantage of Cache-A Incremental Archiving is when data needs to be restored from LTO-tape. Unlike a traditional back-up, which is typically done in a proprietary format and requires the entire back-up to be restored in its entirety, with Cache-A’s Incremental Archive capability any data can be quickly found and restored on a file-by-file or folder basis and restored to a destination determined by the user. Because this feature leverages LTFS, back-ups can even be recovered on any third party LTFS capable equipment.

To operate Workflow Templates, Cache-A has added a new, easy-to-use, web-based template management feature into the latest software user interface, and will publish a companion set of tutorials and learning tools online. “Cache-A’s new Workflow Templates tools create opportunities to automate a wide range of tasks, while also improving efficiency, reducing labor and human error,” said Phil Ritti, CEO of Cache-A. “The addition of Incremental Archiving further improves the insurance users need to quickly recover from any accidents, errors, failures or disasters.”

Cache-A expects to ship the new software features during summer 2014, and will release further product and pricing information at that time.

About Cache-A Corporation: Cache-A’s award-winning, archive appliances are employed daily by thousands of users worldwide, in media/entertainment, Fortune 500 corporations, government departments, higher-education and houses of worship, to securely archive, search and retrieve vital digital assets. The company was founded in 2008 with a dedication to make archiving easy, and combines extensive experience in data storage and video media, with a reputation for delivering innovation and excellence to digital media professionals at a reasonable cost. Cache-A’s product range includes desktop and rack-mount appliances that are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix networking infrastructures. Renowned for their ease-of-use, Cache-A products deliver leading-edge performance in video and digital film workflows, and lead the field in using the secure, portable, interchangeable, industry-standard LTFS and tar formats on LTO-6 media. Cache-A’s Pro-Cache was awarded Creative Cow’s prestigious Blue Ribbon in 2011 for “Best Archiving System”, and Power-Cache won Studio Daily’s 2012 Prime Award for “Best User Interface/User Experience”.


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