Advanced Digital Services Celebrates its 20th Anniversary


ADS Thanks Its Customers For Two Decades Of Support – Company Continues Providing The Best Service, Quality, And Value In Digital Services To The Post Production Community

Last Updated: April 4, 2014 2:21 pm GMT
(Hollywood, California--April 4, 2014) Advanced Digital Services, Inc. (ADS), a leading global provider of digital mastering, encoding, restoration and duplication services, celebrated today its history as one of the first post production studios in Hollywood to offer digital video and audio services now in continuous operation for over 20 years. The company’s two decades of relentless focus and commitment to service, quality, and value has made it the go-to post house for major studios, broadcasters, independents, and advertising agencies.

ADS opened in 1994, by company founder Andy McIntyre with a mission to build the best digital services company in the industry. McIntyre’s career began as a cameraman in the early 1970s and then moved to post-production where he fine-tuned those skills working in a variety of Hollywood’s best studios. Eventually he founded AME, which he grew into the largest video post-production facility in the world. In 1989, McIntyre sold AME to an investor group, but a few years later it was clear to this industry visionary that the digital era had begun and he then founded ADS with a vision of coming one of Hollywood's premiere post production one-stop-shops that would be able to cater to the evolving 'digital based' global audience, while being able to service clientele that has a large investment in legacy formats.

With McIntyre at the helm, ADS has attracted and retained the best post production talent in the industry while diversifying into a wide variety of digital services including HD/SD encoding and conversion; electronic distribution and verification; closed captioning, audio restoration, new media services and digital duplication. Noted McIntyre, “We owe our 20 years in business to our ever growing family of clients, from major motion picture studios and global ad agencies to independents and walk-ins. With a commitment to service, quality and value excellence, we continue to build on our steadfast pledge to being the best digital services company in the industry. We continually invest in our personnel and equipment and we are well provisioned to deliver advanced digital media services to any client and in any volume, now and for the next 20 years. We also maintain a wide array of post-production equipment capable of handling a variety of projects – from cutting-edge 4K systems to the largest working supply of legacy audio and video machines that support near-obsolete formats, a must have for many international and catalog clients."

The ADS commitment to service, quality, and value started when McIntyre opened the doors in 1994 and has been institutionalized by the company's Chief Operating Officer, Brad Weyl, a 40 year veteran of the post production industry. Continued Weyl, “All of our staff understands how critical each asset is to our clients and how compressed their delivery schedule and budget can be. We encourage our personnel to take initiative, to learn workflows from beginning to end and to continually strive for excellence. As such, our unique integrated workflows for each service department allow for our individual service specialists to take on projects from beginning to end – ensuring consistent quality and timeliness. Our 20 years in business delivering the industry’s highest-quality movie trailers, electronic press kits, episodic television programming, motion pictures, restoration projects and television spot advertisements is a testament to our continual commitment in providing the best service to our ever growing clientele."

Penny Johnson, founder and post production supervisor of Equinox Productions affirmed ADS's commitment to quality, service and value, adding, “ADS provides the highest quality in terms of product, service, and price. I consider them an integral part of my company. On a scale of 1 to 10, I get an 11 in service from them. Frankly, I can sleep at night knowing ADS is on the job."

About ADS
ADS (Advanced Digital Services) is a leading global provider of value-added post-production services that include standard definition/high definition, digital new media, restoration, duplication, encoding and electronic delivery services to the media and entertainment industry. The company employs many of the industry’s elite ‘craftsmen’ and its highly skilled personnel possess significant industry experience and knowledge. ADS provides 24/7 audio and video post-production services, delivering the industry’s highest quality movie trailers, electronic press kits, episodic television programming, motion pictures and television spot advertisements. With a complete end-to-end digital workflow built to maximize flexibility, efficiency and quality, ADS serves the most respected and recognized motion picture and television studios, media and entertainment companies and advertising agencies in the United States and abroad.

ADS’ customer-centered approach to projects results in the delivery of consistent high-quality assets, on time and on budget. For more information, visit us at


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