XPression Tick-It: The All-In-One Next-Generation News Ticker


Last Updated: April 4, 2014 7:26 pm GMT
(Iroquois, Ontario--April 4, 2014) Today’s broadcasters often need to daisy-chain multiple single-purpose branding devices in their program streams to achieve a suitable level of branding functionality. With the channel’s main on-air feed going in and out of all of those boxes, there are multiple points of failure and potentially signal degradation issues. Those days are now over with Ross Video’s introduction of XPression Tick-it, a next-generation ticker and branding workflow server that combines all of the necessary branding functions in one box.

Powered by software from channel branding veteran, Bannister Lake, XPression Tick-it is a browser-based solution that provides users with the ability to display automated or manual data sources with purpose-built UI’s that make collaboration easy. Whether its news, sports, weather, elections, stocks, traffic, school closings, or EAS, Tick-it makes creating tickers, L-bars, and informational displays a breeze.

“In the past, some manufacturers delivered channel branding solutions that were nothing more than a developer’s kit, leaving the end user to write code and interface to their own data sources,” said Brian Olson, Director of Graphics Marketing Product Management for Ross Video. “We wanted to be able to deliver a complete solution that didn’t require an IT guy standing next to the box all day long. With Tick-it, you just plug it in, start a short remote configuration session, and you’re ready to go to air.”

Tick-it is compatible with any existing customer data contract. Or, affordable data packages can be purchased through Bannister Lake’s data aggregation service. It also supports moderated social media feeds from Ross Inception. In addition, Tick-it “asrun” logging provides proof-of-air for sponsor graphics that generate additional revenue streams.

Tick-it uses the XPression BlueBox engine to deliver stunning real-time 3D branding graphics with replaceable clips and stills. Up to 4 Tick-it Players with BlueBoxes can be connected to a single Tick-it server for multi-channel capability. For cost-effectiveness, Tick-it can also utilize an XPression channel or layer in the control room, with the added bonus of interactivity between MOS graphics and the ticker.

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