Archion EditStor Interplay-ing with Avid® Workflows


Latest EditStor Release Offers Interplay® Compatibility Option.

Last Updated: April 4, 2014 9:31 pm GMT
(Burbank, California--April 4, 2014) A leader in shared storage solutions for post production and media workflows, Archion Technologies has announced the option for compatibility between Archion's EditStor 3 and Avid's Interplay. Facilities that now have Interplay, or are considering this platform for the future, can take advantage of EditStor’s considerable performance and features.

Archion is known for accelerating Avid workflows with continuing advancements in storage technologies. The Editstor platform was designed to support Adobe, Apple, Avid, and other media workflows. Archion’s transparent Avid project sharing feature was one of the first features made available by Archion for Avid workflows. With this tradition of delivering cost-effective, versatile and intelligent solutions to Avid users, Archion is proud to introduce EditStor's Interplay compatibility option.

With this new offering, the Editstor EO system can now be used with the Interplay solutions consisting of Media Services, Archive, Restore, Copy and Transfer Engine. Simply mount the Editstor volumes on your Interplay servers as you would ISIS® or Unity® volumes and Interplay will index and use them -- transparently. Avid assets are automatically checked in to Interplay as seamlessly as Avid shared media storage. EditStor's advantages in performance, scalability, functionality, and future forward architecture is a significant improvement to Avid’s Interplay workflows and solutions.

EditStor™ Shared Storage Platform
Designed specifically for media workflows by industry workflow experts, EditStor has made media sharing among post production professionals easier and more affordable. Leveraging the power of standards based Ethernet protocols, as well as Archion's advanced intellectual property, Editstor delivers unparalleled functionality and scalability. EditStor is currently available in two models - ES & EO.

With such features as transparent Avid project sharing (bin locking), post production facilities have a very compelling alternative to shared storage products like Avid ISIS®. To see a price/performance comparison of EditStor EO and Avid ISIS® 5500, visit the EditStor EO product page.

About Archion Technologies
Archion, based in Burbank, CA, is a leading provider of intelligent networked storage solutions specifically designed for post production and graphic professionals working in the broadcast, production, corporate, education, government, house of worship and sports industries. Founded by a team of post production, technology and entertainment industry professionals 15 years ago, Archion set out to create a new standard of data protection and performance for those creating video, audio and graphical content. Since then, Archion's high-performance storage technology has been critical to the success of thousands of TV and feature film projects and is prominently used in Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Pro Tools and other creative environments.


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