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Last Updated: April 7, 2014 8:00 am GMT
(Las Vegas NAB, Booth SL-9405--April 7, 2014) Softron Media Services has launched MovieRecorder 3, a major upgrade to the MovieRecorder capture software family. MovieRecorder 3 now has the same features as MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express and MovieStreamer HLS combined, and more! It is ideal for multicamera ingest thanks to a new easy to use user interface and can encode one stream simultaneously to different destinations using different codecs. The support of Avid MXF DNxHD shows the dedication of Softron to provide efficient ingest solutions to as many users as possible.

The Smart Record Engine (SRE), around which MovieRecorder 3 is built, has been designed for 4K and multiple ingest channels on one single Mac. It uses the most modern framework to ensure the same reliability and ease of use as earlier versions of MovieRecorder, but with even greater efficiency and many welcomed new features. A major addition is that it now supports to record in H.264 and AVID MXF DNxHD®.

MovieRecorder 3 uses video cards from manufacturers such as AJA, Blackmagic-Design or Deltacast to capture Live video input. On the latest Mac Pro, TV Production facilities and broadcasters can now record up to 8 HD on a single video input card. MovieRecorder 3 and the new Mac Pro are the ideal companions for multicamera recordings thanks to an easy-to-use user interface, which allows the control of multiple channels in one window.

MovieRecorder 3 is the most versatile ingest software you can find. Sports and Live events producers praise its edit-while-ingest capabilities, which allow them to edit a multicamera session while it is still being recorded, and thus be ready with a summary at the end of the show. Broadcasters who have to record feeds at given time of days enjoy its scheduling feature. Churches love its “Loop recording” feature for time-shifting. Reality show producers love its ability to record 24/7 while automatically and frame-accurately splitting the clip into segments, which is also a widely used feature for TV stations in the need of a compliance recording system. In addition to a regular movie file, MovieRecorder 3 can generate a Live stream at the same time using HTTP Live Streaming technology with adaptive streaming. Moreover, it supports multiple destination storage and user presets allowing to change settings in a blast.

MovieRecorder 3 uses a unique technology when combined with OnTheAir Video 3 or OnTheAir Node 3. It can ingest the video and audio signals straight from these playout applications without the need of a video card. The signals are directly transmitted from the playout applications to MovieRecorder. This allows WebTVs to stream video directly from a single Mac mini, without the need of a video card. With MovieRecorder 3 streaming scheduled programming is simplified and cost effective.

“Since we started shipping MovieRecorder in 2007, thousands of users worldwide have been using it with their video cards to ingest and store video clips. Our MovieRecorder from the previous generation added a lot of features, but with the same interface. We have now radically changed the interface with MovieRecorder 3 making it the ideal user experience to start recording in one click,” says Daniel Tapie, CEO of Softron Media Services.

“Users will be amazed at what MovieRecorder 3 has to offer,” said Pierre Chevalier, Technical Director at Softron. “We have listened carefully to our users and have incorporated every possible enhancement imaginable - and made MovieRecorder 3 still the simplest multichannel ingest application available on the market.’

MovieRecorder 3 is shipping in a “Pre-release” version during April, a release version will follow shortly.

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