MovieRecorder 3 Leverages the Power of the New Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X


Last Updated: April 7, 2014 8:01 am GMT
(Las Vegas NAB, Booth SL-9405--April 7, 2014) With the announcement of both MovieRecorder 3 and the M80 bundle that provides 8 HD channels of ingest using a single Thunderbolt 2 port, Softron Media Services is demonstrating its continued belief that the Macintosh is the optimal workstation for multichannel ingest.

The M80 is a unique combiniation of software and hardware. It’ is an expansion chassis that holds an 8 input video card, and it includes a license for 8 ingest channels with the new MovieRecorder 3. Simply connect the M80 box to one of the Thunderbolt 2 ports of the new Mac Pro and immediately start ingesting 8 HD channels at a cost significantly less than other multichannel ingest solutions.These eight inputs can be recorded for later editing or thanks to MovieRecorder 3’s edit-while-ingest capability, edited on the fly.

MovieRecorder 3 enables Sports and Live events producers to capture video and edit-while-ingest; it provides broadcasters who have to record multiple feeds at given times of day to schedule 24/7/365 using all 8 channels of input. When used together with Softron's Multicam Logger and an ATEM production switch from Blackmagic Design, multiple camera angles are registered in an XML during a production which is then imported seamlessly into Final Cut Pro X to finish.

The new Mac Pro, thanks to its amazing power, the increased speed of its Thunderbolt 2 connectors and the efficiency of the ProRes codecs allows for example to easily ingest 8 channels of 1080i59.94 Apple ProRes (LT). While encoding these 8 channels, only 40% of the CPU is used, leaving power for other tasks or additional channels to be done on the same Mac.

The Softron M80 solution will be demonstrated at the NAB2014 show. Visitors will be able to see that files can be played out in a Final Cut Pro X multicam clip while they are being ingested.

“MovieRecorder 1 was developed in 2007 when we were happy with one SD ingest,” said Softron's Technical Director Pierre Chevalier. “MovieRecorder 2 was an improvement to handle HD and more channels on the Mac. With MovieRecorder 3, we focused on 4K and multichannel ingest. Our users require more resolutions and more channels than ever before, and all that is made possible by the new Mac Pro as well as the tools and frameworks that Apple makes available for developers like us.”

Daniel Tapie, Softron’s CEO says "When developing our products, we try to make them as easy as possible. We want our users to be able to start using them immediately, with a very short learning curve. With MovieRecorder 3, we managed to provide what we think is the easiest to use multichannel solution on the Mac. "

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