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Last Updated: April 7, 2014 7:07 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 7, 2014) Today CalDigit, the company of choice for the content creation industry, announces the brand new CalDigit T4 Thunderbolt™ 2 RAID storage solution for creative professionals at the NAB Show 2014. The CalDigit T4 will be available in two versions. The T4 R is a RAID 0, 1, 5 & JBOD device. The T4 J is a RAID 0, 1 & JBOD device.

CalDigit T4. The 4K Revolution.
The CalDigit T4 is built from the ground up for professional users in mind in order to not only meet the demands of 4K post-production but also exceed them.
Both versions of the T4 feature dual Thunderbolt™ 2 ports for easy integration into any 4K post-production workflow. Thunderbolt™ 2 allows users to connect their 4K monitors and devices to the T4 for an incredibly powerful 4K post-production workflow.

“Thunderbolt™ 2 gives professional users the performance they need for working with high-resolution uncompressed 4K video formats and the T4’s data transfer performance means working with 4K files has never been easier”, said Kosta Panagos, Director of Marketing at CalDigit.

The T4 R is the most complete and cost-effective RAID 0, 1, 5 & JBOD solution on the market. The device is predominantly intended to be used as a RAID 5 solution. RAID 5 gives users performance and protection in one unit. When used in RAID 5 the T4 R gives users a redundant drive. This means that in the event of a drive failure all user data will still be in tact and there is zero downtime in post-production. All a user has to do to get the single drive redundancy back is put in a new drive and they will get their protection right back. The T4 R also supports RAID 0, RAID 1 & JBOD.

The T4 J is a RAID 0, 1 & JBOD solution. The T4 J is intended for users who either need outstanding performance (RAID 0) or a flexible JBOD device. In RAID 0 all four HDDs inside the T4 J are working together to give the best possible performance. With four SSDs in RAID 0 the T4 J can reach speeds of 1375 MB/s. That performance is the maximum performance possible through the Thunderbolt™ interface. When using the T4, professional users will know that they are getting the best performance possible. In JBOD mode the T4 J gives users four independent HDDs. JBOD is a great solution for photographers or any users who want to organize their files on different drives.

The T4 R & T4J both offer great flexibility. Both units fully support both 3.5” HDDs for up to 16TB of capacity, and SSDs for up to 4TB of capacity. Both units also have hot-swappable drives that can be used with CalDigit’s other storage solutions such as the CalDigit T3 and AV Pro.

Price and Availability
The CalDigit T4 will be available in Q3 2014 from the CalDigit Online Store and CalDigit Resellers worldwide. Pricing for the CalDigit T4 J starts at $699 MSRP for 4TB. The T4 R starts at $799 MSRP for 4TB.



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California, the forefront of digital content creation, and pioneering computer technology is the inspiration for the development of CalDigit. For over ten years CalDigit has been dedicated to making external storage devices for the content creation industry. All products are built from the ground up with professional users in mind, and are constructed with only the best possible materials.


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