FSI @ NAB 2014: Making Things More Complete. New Division, New Features, & New Products


Last Updated: April 8, 2014 4:24 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 8, 2014) We understand that professionals like you need more than just one product that is good at one thing. You need complete solutions for a wide variety of applications. In order to help meet those needs we are officially unveiling some new and upcoming features and products that will make our already capable monitor lineup even more versatile.

In addition to these new monitoring products and features we are also excited to take this opportunity to announce a new division of Flanders Scientific, FSI Solutions, that will bring you a wide variety of solutions that help make our monitors and other professional equipment on the market more complete.

New Native 1920x1080 Resolution 9” Monitor
Introducing the all new BM090, a color-critical native HD (1920x1080) resolution 9" monitor that brings FSI's entire advanced feature set to a small field and rack-mount friendly form factor. Typically, finding a high quality professional 9" broadcast monitor means sacrificing either bit depth, resolution, or color gamut. The BM090 overcomes all of these obstacles to provide you with a no-compromise 9" monitoring option that is truly a miniaturized version of FSI's fully loaded large format monitors.

The BM090, like its larger companions, is equipped with our second generation color fidelity engine that supports 3D LUTs for both calibration and DIT/Look LUT applications. The BM090 is equipped with 3G/Dual-Link/HD/SD-SDI and DVI-I Inputs offering full support of advanced 12 bit, 4:4:4, and even XYZ signal formats. Like all BM & CM series monitors this unit allows for simple realtime monitoring of 2 signals onscreen at the same time and of course comes equipped with the full assortment of FSI scopes, audio meters, markers, and adjustable exposure check.

Learn more about this exciting new monitor at http://www.FlandersScientific.com

New Features for CFE2 Equipped Units
At NAB 2014 we will be showcasing a powerful new ethernet based extension of our DIT LUT capabilities. This new enhancement will allow third party applications to communicate with and quickly control the color management capabilities on all CFE2 equipped monitors in our lineup. A proof of concept demo will be shown at our booth with software allowing for the following advanced features:
  • Fast manipulation of the monitor's onboard LUTs via CDL, 3Way (Log), and Curve Controls
  • Export of user defined manipulations as 3D LUTs, 1D LUTs, and CDLs
  • Frame capture of incoming signal to attached computer
  • Monitor import of complete 1D & 3D LUTs from attached computer

By moving these advanced color management capabilities off of external LUT boxes and directly into the monitor we hope to significantly simplify your onset color management workflow. Fewer boxes, more simplified connectivity, and best of all no additional investment as these new capabilities are already built into all CFE2 equipped Flanders Scientific monitors.

New Audio Monitoring Support for 3G Level B Signals
To date, FSI monitors have only offered audio monitoring capabilities in SD, HD, and 3G-Level A-SDI. Now all CFE2 equipped monitors, including all of our current CM & BM series units, will also allow for audio monitoring within 3G Level B signals with a free firmware update. For those using BlackMagic Design or BlueFish444 I/O devices for 4:4:4 signal monitoring this will be a welcome addition as those companies utilize 3G Level B formatting for 4:4:4 output. This new 3G Level B audio support also extends to advanced 12 bit signal formats for ultimate compatibility and future proofing.

New Audio Loudness Monitoring
This release also includes a new single channel Audio Loudness monitor (BETA). Refinements and additional capabilities will likely be included once additional feedback is compiled from those testing this new capability.

These new features are available as a free firmware updates on all CFE2 equipped FSI monitors including the BM210, BM230, CM171, CM240, CM250, CM320TD, and CM500TD. Get the firmware update at http://www.FlandersScientific.com

Launch of a New Division: FSI Solutions Makes Its Debut at NAB 2014
What is FSI Solutions? A new division of Flanders Scientific committed to bringing you innovative solutions for use with your favorite professional cinematography, broadcast, video, and photography equipment. We have big plans for FSI Solutions and while we are still in the very early days of this new venture we already have some great new products to announce.

Carrying Cases with Integrated Hood for 16.5" through 25” monitors
These carrying cases with integrated hoods can be used on a desk or a cart as well as on a C-Stand with a compatible monitor and VESA to C-Stand mount. Much more durable than your average monitor bag these cases provide not just foam padding, but an extremely durable honeycomb frame that helps keep your monitor safe in transport and on set. We have three sizes to choose from accommodating many brands of LCD and OLED monitors (not just Flanders Scientific monitors) ranging in size from 16.5" through 25". Shipping July 2014.

More Affordable Hard Shell Carrying Cases for 17" & 21.5" FSI Monitors
Coming this month: durable, scratch resistant, high-density plastic cases that are waterproof and extremely tough. These cases feature custom machine cut foam designed to offer unbeatable protection for your Flanders Scientific Monitors while remaining truly cost-effective.

FC17: Case for 17" Units. Taking orders now. Ships this month.

FC21: Case for 21.5" Units. Taking orders now. Ships this month.

New Affordable Yoke Mounts for 17", 21.5", 24", and 25" Monitors

Affordable yoke mounts for the Flanders Scientific CM240, CM250, BM210, & CM171. These custom yoke mounts are made of high-quality anodized aluminum and, unlike most monitor yoke mounts on the market, will be quite affordable. Ships June 2014. More information coming soon.

Find more information at http://www.FSISolutions.net or follow us on Twitter (@FSISolutions) for updates on new products as they become available.

Other Equipment Being Showcased at NAB
Hoodman brand snap on hoods for the CM171 & CM250 are now available for pre-order and will be showcased at the Flanders Scientific booth at NAB. We are now taking orders, hoods ship in late April.

Stop by the Flanders Scientific booth to see the monitors everyone is talking about; the CM172 & CM250 OLED monitors make their NAB debut this week.

The 50" CM500TD LCD monitor, released at IBC this past September, will also be making its first NAB appearance.

About Us
Flanders Scientific is a U.S. based company with headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, just 25 minutes outside of Atlanta, as well as a European sales & service center in Lier (Antwerp), Belgium. FSI was started in 2005 by industry professionals with a long history of experience in the professional broadcast monitor and test/measurement equipment markets. FSI's primary focus is our line of high-quality, yet still affordable, professional broadcast monitors, but we also sell a wide range of related products and accessories in over 140 countries worldwide. You can purchase from our US office directly at http://www.ShopFSI.com or purchase from our European office by emailing EuropeanSales@FlandersScientific.com. If you have any questions about our product line please feel free to E-Mail us at Sales@FlandersScientific.com


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