RED Relies On Nipros Camera Systems For NAB Demos


Last Updated: April 8, 2014 4:49 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 8, 2014) NAB BOOTH #N314: Seeking a high performance camera system to support NAB demos of their 4K/HD EPIC DRAGON Cinema Camera, RED Digital Cinema engineers reached out to Samaserve CTO Sal Sandoval for details on the Nipros LS-750GT and LS 750 camera-mounted fiber adapter systems. The demos, scheduled throughout the 4-day NAB Show, will find the DRAGON providing a live 4K feed produced at the Vizrt booth (#SL2419)’s “Virtual Studio” set that will be sent to the Snell booth (#N1820), located in separate halls, via fiber-optic cabling for viewing and live switching.

“I first learned about the LS-750 and 750GT Systems from Sal Sandoval last year,” said Steve Pizzo, co-founder of Element Technica, a division of RED Digital Cinema. “I reached out to Samaserve in December when we began formulating our NAB 2014 demo program. We needed a comprehensive camera system capable of flawlessly transmitting uncompressed 4K and HD signals simultaneously from Vizrt’s booth to Snell’s booth for display on a large, high res Samsung screen. The specs on the Nipros System met all our requirements.”

In February and March, Nipros’ Sandoval provided Pizzo with an LS-750 system for testing at the Red facility in Burbank. The rig’s signal conversion and other features for 4K acquisition performed flawlessly. “Those trials convinced us that the system was ideal for our purposes,” Pizzo said. “[Sandoval] then demoed a 750GT system, which further assured us that Nipros met all of our needs.”

The flagship Nipros LS-750/GT camera-mounted fiber adapter system, which is being used at the Vizrt Demo area in booth SL2419, supports virtually any 4K camera. The system acquires and flawlessly passes simultaneous uncompressed 4K and HD signals for distances of up to 1.24 miles with the option of distances beyond 6.2 miles. The LS-750/GT offers users five 3G SDI streams directly out of the camera, as well as one return 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI signal. All types of 4K plus HD, or five separate HD streams, can be transported simultaneously, with the ability to mix the five asynchronous 3G/HD/SD streams independently. RED Digital is using 4K signals from a Nipros LS 750 System at the Snell booth where the feed is switched live via a Kahuna 360. Both the LS 750/GT, which offers up to 300 watts of power at the camera and has 12/24-volt capability, and the LS 750 which offers 60 watts of power, are on display at the Nipros booth as well as on the RED and Vizrt demo sites.

“Nipros Systems was a primary catalyst behind my partners and I deciding to form Samaserve,” Sandoval said. “Earning this level of support at an early stage in the introduction of an important new system is critical. We are extremely pleased to have earned RED’s trust to support their DRAGON Cinema Camera Demos.”

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