NAB News: Production Everywhere - More Capabilities, Management and Flexibility for QTube


New Developments Open Up New Applications for QTube

Last Updated: April 6, 2014 5:27 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 6, 2014) Quantel's QTube technology is unique in offering flexible workflows over the WAN or internet. Far more than remote editing, QTube offers the ability to ingest and deliver anywhere - empowering new workflows that truly link people and places in a flexible production environment. At NAB Quantel is powering up QTube to enable it to address more applications and to give users even more flexibility in designing their ideal distributed workflow.

QTube Edit gets a complete effects toolset and enhanced ingest capabilities. These two developments make QTube Edit a great editor for News bureaus. QTube Edit can work instantly on local content and freely mix material from other sites into the edits. It can add effects and titles to create a complete package which can then be published to any playout location. All rendering takes place in the QTube Transformer so avoiding having to move large amounts of data over the WAN.

QTube Browser gives everyone with a web browser access to content via QTube - wherever in the world it is or they are. A new development at NAB gives QTube Browser stills grabber capabilities. This makes it really easy for web content producers to grab the pictures they need for their web sites. QTube Browser also becomes InterSite enabled; this allows media managers to access content anywhere - even live ingests - sub clip and compile and move it to where it is needed over the WAN. Everything can now be done in a browser from anywhere.

QTube InterSite also moves on. Its instant workflow to edit between content on different sites is unchanged - what's new is an enhanced management layer that allows users to have total visibility and control of the complete infrastructure. The new management layer is web-based so it can be used from browsers anywhere.

"QTube is a complete set of tools for linking people in different places and allowing them to work together to tell their stories," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director. "QTube is far more than remote editing, it's about Production Everywhere and that means ingest, edit and deliver anywhere. No limits. The new NAB developments enable QTube to do more and allow our customers to have even more flexibility in how they meet their business needs."


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