Cinemartin releases PLIN: a Plugin for NLEs & Adobe Premiere to export to ProRes and H.265


Last Updated: April 15, 2014 5:54 pm GMT
(Barcelona, Spain--April 15, 2014) Cinemartin, the European team Spain based, producer of the acclaimed Cinemartin Cinec encoder video converter software that accepts almost any video input source and enable video users to export to Prores and H265 on windows, now announces the release of Cinemartin PLIN, a plugin for NLE editors including Adobe Premiere that allow users to export to Prores and H.265 directly from the editor.

Plin is a Plugin for NLE editors on Windows, initially available for Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, CS 6.0 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC versions.

Once installed, PLIN allows NLE users to export the sequence timeline (the master mix) directly to all flavors of Apple ProRes and to latest HEVC H.265 among others codecs.

Cinemartin Plin will be available in future upgrades for Sony Vegas and Avid Media Composer

The use of PLIN it is very simple

On Adobe Premiere go to menu File → Export → Cinemartin Cinec Plin, will open the plugin

The plugin allow you to select ProRes 4444 or Prores 422 and HEVC H.265 as output codecs, select one or more, select the framerate, the aspect ratio and the resolution (supported up to 4K DCI compatible) and press Encode.

This plugin, part of the new recently released Cinec 3.X video converter family, also feature multi-cpu core processing, with up to 6 CPU-Cores.

Last camera announcements from manufacturers including Sony, Blackmagic Design, Red, etc., and recorders from Convergent Design (Oddissey) and Atomos (shogun) .. have or will support Prores internal recording.

Recently Sony announced a firmware upgrade that allow Sony F5 and F55 to record internally to Prores. Same apply to new AJA CION camera among others.

These announcements from major manufacturers, demonstrate the success the bet that cinemartin made some years ago when was launching the Cinec Prores encoder back on 2012. Now the camera and big players of video know that prores is a must for any profesional, its superB pictures at one of the best size (disk space) ratios, makes of these codec, the worldwide standard used by thousands or hundred thousand of video users.

Where’s the problem ?, well users of new upgraded firmware sony cameras that will be able to record to prores (like F5 or F55), Red users (with RED addon for prores recording), Blackmagic design 4K, production camera, URSA, and AJA CION among others, allow users to record to prores inside the internal camera’s recorder. Same apply for Convergent design Odissey or Atomos Ninja, Atomos Samurai and the new Atomos Shogun. So user get the hightest quality, ok, the user put the videos to a windows computer, ok then they can edit using Adobe Premiere, but .. hey they can’t export to prores (to preserve the hightest quality the camera was record to) so, here is where Cinemartin PLIN enters.

Cinemartin PLIN cover the lack for prores conversion in the workflow of Windows pc-based systems, as an addon to its Cinec Software, available as a alone plugin or in pack with Cinec, Cinemartin PLIN, initially available for Premiere CS 5.5, CS 6.0 and Premiere Pro CC, will be available in the future for Sony Vegas, Avid non-linear editors and Resolve for Windows

Cinemartin PLIN: a plugin for Adobe Premiere to export to ProRes Youtube:

Cinemartin PLIN, will be available in 3 versions, Standard, Professional and Gold More info about this adobe premiere prores export converter plugin for pc windows on their website


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