Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan Edits Trailer To Introduce "NASH: The Documentary"


Last Updated: April 22, 2014 7:32 pm GMT
(Dallas, Texas--April 22, 2014) Lucky Post editor Sai Selvarajan channeled his passion for sports into a promotional trailer for the documentary release NASH, directed by Michael Hamilton. “NASH - The Documentary” reveals the unexpected journey of one of the most unique athletes in the world: Steve Nash. The trailer begins with an interview with Yahoo’s Jeffrey Mallett who asks Nash to imagine talking about his accomplishments twenty years in the future, but if he mentions basketball he’s failed.

View the trailer here:

“This project brings together two things I love, basketball and film,” says Sai Selvarajan. “That said, it isn’t your typical sports film – it’s an examination of what determines a lasting legacy, life choices and living in the public eye. This journey of discovery was what ultimately influenced my approach to the trailer. That, and an immense admiration for Steve Nash.”

Dubbed the 100th most influential person by TIME Magazine, Nash navigates his way through the world of professional sports while trying to leave a lasting legacy on and off the court in the documentary film. The film also features interviews with President Barack Obama, Snoop Dog, David Beckham and Owen Wilson, among others.

To create the trailer, editor Selvarajan and Director Michael Hamilton selected footage that largely focused on the latter. Beginning and ending with interviews, the trailer weaves together footage of Nash playing his first sport of soccer with kids around the world, and glimpses of his life including his significant foundation work that benefits children in need.

“Working with Sai on the trailer was seamless,” notes Hamilton, “he is a true creative mind and it showed in the trailer for his passion for storytelling and basketball...I was lucky to get the opportunity to work with him.

Making this film was definitely a journey,” he continues. “With any film, but especially documentaries, you have an idea of the story you want to tell but ultimately you learn something about your subject and it changes everything. I am excited to share the film and experience that journey of discovery through the audience’s perspective. One thing I know they will take away is that Steve always strives to do more, to keep learning, on and off the court.”

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