"The Return of the Lost Ones" Film is Offering the Public a Chance to Join Moviemaking History


Last Updated: April 30, 2014 3:18 pm GMT
(Miami, United States--April 30, 2014) As one of the most acclaimed filmmaking projects in recent memory, the "Return of the Lost Ones" film is destined to reap numerous honors and awards. This riveting motion picture shines a spotlight on a forgotten chapter in Jewish history, the forced conversion of Jews during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. During a large part of the past millennium, Jews were forced to leave these countries or adopt the Catholic faith, leaving millions of descendants without any knowledge of their heritage.

The Return of the Lost Ones is a documentary that illuminates this tragic history and the modern day movement of the Annusim, i.e. Lost Ones, who are now returning to their Jewish faith. This timeless film examines the lives of prominent Annusim who have embraced their long lost heritage and the trials they endure as they discover and explore their new faith and culture. With the cooperation of Annusim in Europe, North America and South America, this film will tell the heartbreaking tales of men and women who have been denied their own cultural and religious identity for generations.

Currently, the Return of the Lost Ones is in pre-production and is seeking financing from the public. The production crew is composed of leading moviemaking professionals from the industry who are passionate about telling this truly important story. With the financial assistance of contributors, Return of the Lost Ones can rent a RED camera and lighting equipment, travel to locations, and properly edit and market this film.

Financial contributors will receive a number of gifts in addition to the satisfaction of knowing that they are a part of filmmaking history. These include tickets for the red carpet premiere, copies of the film, and film credits as well as various other sponsorship and investment opportunities. The film’s producers are also eager for your assistance in spreading the word about the film through social media like Facebook and Twitter. They would also like to get in touch with Lost Ones who are willing to share their story on film. You may make a financial contribution at http://goo.gl/tyjfsU

About Us:
The Return of the Lost Ones is a passion project from internationally acclaimed producer and director Dr. Jane Statlander-Slote. Jane is a renowned Professor of American Literature, documentarian, and psychotherapist. In addition to producing major films like Out of Newark, Dr. Statlander-Slote has also produced numerous highly honored books. She currently resides in Miami with her husband and famed philosopher Michael Slote.


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