Interlude Unveils New Look and Features for Treehouse Authoring Suite to Improve Creation and Performance of Interactive Videos


• Updates Include Redesigned Interface and Enhanced Analytics Tools • Creators Can Gain Insights and Inspiration at New ‘Playground’ Online Community • HTML5 Web App Allows Video Enthusiasts and Major Brands to Design and Publish Their Own Interactive Video Experiences

Last Updated: April 30, 2014 4:15 pm GMT
(New York, United States--April 30, 2014) Interlude today announced a new set of features for Treehouse, the digital media company’s self-serve authoring suite that allows creators to design and publish their own interactive videos. The updates, which include a new design interface, improved analytics tools and more, further simplify the video creation process and enhance creators’ ability to track and improve video performance. The company also introduced Interlude Playground, a new online community to showcase interactive videos built on Treehouse and inspire other creators.

“The beauty of Treehouse is that it evolves with the needs and desires of our community,” said Yoni Bloch, co-founder and CEO of Interlude. “We are always working to make digital storytelling more fun, rewarding and simple while also helping our users take advantage of the rich data available online. This more intuitive, powerful version of the suite will enable creators to produce more ingenious and effective interactive videos.”

Key updates to Treehouse include:

Treehouse Insights
  • Dashboard – With more visually driven analytics tools, creators can gain greater insight into the performance of their interactive videos. An improved interface displays the total views, views per user and percentage of engaged users (i.e., interaction with the video) across periods of time (e.g., daily). Creators can also filter by views and interactions per country and types of devices.

  • Project Tree – Creators can now view the performance of each node (or branch of the video) in greater detail, including the quantity of views, the percentage of completed views and the percentage of active viewers. Based on the analytics, creators can also improve their videos by strengthening underperforming nodes. Creators can also discover the instinctive popular choices that users make during their first viewing.

Video Creation Tools
  • Node Editor – The node editor has been redesigned with enhanced visual tools that make designing interactions within the video quicker and easier.

  • Enhanced Tree View – True to its name, Treehouse presents projects in progress in a tree-style layout. The new enhanced version offers greater flexibility and customization with a drag-and-drop interface for creators to edit their videos and connect the accompanying nodes.

  • Mobile Preview – Creators can optimize their interactive videos for mobile phones by seamlessly switching between Web and mobile mode when previewing their video.

“These new features empower creators and brands to optimize videos based on user engagement,” added Bloch. “It is exciting to help storytellers leverage the power of analytics to make their creative content more compelling and engaging.”

Interlude’s new online community, Playground, offers a number of features that enrich the Treehouse experience and help creators cultivate greater expertise with the platform, including:
  • Gallery – Interlude’s staff curates their favorite videos that demonstrate innovative uses of Treehouse.

  • Tutorials – How-to guides teach creators how popular interactive videos were made and enable them to learn best practices from leading interactive video creators.

  • Profiles – Creators can create an individual profile page featuring a picture, bio, links and gallery of their projects published using Treehouse.

  • Discussion – To make it easier and more welcoming for creators to participate in the evolution of Treehouse, creators can now ask questions, suggest new features and contribute answers on a range of topics relating to Treehouse. Interlude staff members also participate and answer questions.

A HTML5 Web app that is simple to use for video enthusiasts yet robust enough for professionals, Treehouse unlocks Interlude’s patented interactive video technology, which has been leveraged by global brands such as Intel, Pepsi, Subaru, Shell, MAC, Fox TV, ESPN, Focus Features, Disney Music and Sony Music for Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” music video. The seamless interactivity of Interlude videos results in high levels of engagement and retention: across Interlude projects, the average viewer replays a video up to three times.

Structured in a non-linear, multi-branch style, videos created with Treehouse foster interactivity by allowing viewers to play an active role in the storytelling process. As viewers navigate through various options, the video reacts to their choices in real time, always delivering a seamless viewing experience.

Treehouse was at the center of the Tribeca Interactive & Interlude: A Music Film Challenge in collaboration with The Lincoln Motor Company via The challenge, the first of its kind at the Tribeca Film Festival, invited storytellers to create interactive videos for a song by Ellie Goulding, Aloe Blacc or Damon Albarn. Hundreds of filmmakers from nearly 30 countries found Treehouse to be an exciting and easy-to-use tool in bringing their creative visions to life. View the winning entries at

Pricing and Availability
Treehouse is free to all personal users, and available to commercial users and enterprises for a fee. Visit for additional information.

About Interlude
Interlude ( is a digital media company that designs, develops and markets interactive video technology. Treehouse is Interlude’s self-serve authoring suite that enables all video creators, whether enthusiasts or professionals, to create interactive videos. The company has already built a rich history of interactive video storytelling and has helped some of the world¹s leading entertainment and corporate brands leverage interactive video, including Intel, Pepsi, Subaru, Shell, MAC, Fox TV, ESPN, Sony Music, Disney Music, Focus Features and others. Founded by Israeli musician Yoni Bloch and his band, Interlude is backed by Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, NEA, Marker and Innovation Endeavors.


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