Nunchaku’s Jony Perel Improves World Cup Soccer Fan Performance For P&G


Mexican star Eugenio Derbez puts the fans front and center

Last Updated: May 5, 2014 9:56 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 5, 2014) Los Angeles/Buenos Aires-based Nunchaku director Jony Perel along with director Nico Kasakoff make soccer (fútbol) fans more than ready for World Cup play in a sidesplitting web campaign “The Fan Trainer” for P&G out of Wing Latino, NYC/Miami for the Latin market. The 2:30 “Call to Arms” web film features the charismatic Eugenio Derbez using toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent and dandruff shampoo to enhance fan performance, and the 1:38 “Oral B” focuses on a foul-mouthed fanatic in need of a ‘cleaner’ mouth. The comical, garb-stained :26 “Ariel Argentina” and :18 “Ariel Mexico” round out the campaign. Mexican TV celebrity Eugenio Derbez leads the campaign after having recently served as Writer/Director/Actor in the comedy-drama feature Instructions Not Included, which played to international acclaim, even securing the spot for the highest-grossing Mexican film of all time.

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Unique in that the campaign highlights fan performance versus the athletes’ play, hair-trigger comedic timing and exceptional production value elevate the work to blockbuster comedy fare.

To ensure humor in even the subtlest details, Perel worked alongside the agency creative team to fine-tune the art design prior to the shoot. “Much of the jokes in the campaign came through the improvised treatment of the sculptures, frames and objects that this Fan Trainer would have in his mansion,” notes Perel. “That was the most solid base that we could build in order to give the actors the freedom while filming to build their characters immersed in these decorations.” In addition to utilizing the sets and props to inspire performances, Perel also paid careful attention to casting a host of versatile comedians to accentuate the performance of Eugenio Derbez. “Truthfully, Derbez made everything look really easy. On his own he would bring out the best in each actor that surrounded him, always provoking them with something unexpected and finding ways of supporting that allowance of madness and improvisation to the scenes, which makes everything funnier and fresher,” adds Perel.

“Call to Arms” opens on Eugenio Derbez at an executive-sized desk declaring, “Welcome. I’m the fan trainer. The coach for soccer fans of the world. My mission is to turn every fútbol fan into a more than ready fan.” We see Derbez assessing fans’ jerseys, cheerleaders’ outfits, a colorful condor outfit, the aforementioned foul-mouthed fan and a crowd’s wave. Starting fan training from the crib, he gives a mother and her infant diapers while watching a game on TV. We finish triumphantly on paintings of exceptional fans and Derbez concluding, “I don’t train fans to be ready. I train them to be more than ready.” The P&G logo and links to the other web films close out “Call to Arms.”

About Nunchaku
Nunchaku has infused global creativity and production expertise into a diverse range of advertising projects since 2002. With a knack for absurd, witty and character-driven storytelling, the Buenos Aires-based production and production services company breathes a unique brand of energy and enthusiasm into every project they take on. Led by former agency creative and director Nicolas “Nico” Kasakoff and Executive Producer Leda Nasio in LA. Nunchaku, characterized for having a swift production prowess and visionary eye, aims to bring fresh and creative ideas to the US Hispanic market.

Client: P&G
Titles: “Call to Arms” 2:30, “Oral B” 1:38, “Ariel Argentina” :26, “Ariel Mexico” :18

Agency: Wing Latino, NYC/Miami

Deputy Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Per Pedersen
Chief Creative Officer: Favio Ucedo
Associate Creative Director: Facundo Paglia
Copywriters: Facundo Paglia, Fernando Fryd, Marc Duran

Art Directors: Alajandro Ramirez, Anthoni Rodriguez
Agency Executive Producer: Tania Salter
Agency Producer: Annette Suarez
Account Services Director: Charlie Nueberger
Associate Account Director: John Jardine
Account Associate: Beatrice Ayala
Assistant Account Associate: Mercedes Senior

Production Company: Nunchaku
Directors: Nico Kasakoff, Jony Perel
Executive Producer: Leda Nasio
Director of Photography: Leondro Fillroy
Producer: Angela Diaz
Producer, Mexico: Magaili Sagarra
Art Director: Roberto Bonelli
Wardrobe Stylist: Lorena Tinocco

Production services in Mexico: The Lift

Post: Nunchaku & The Lover
Editors: Alan Segal, Nacho Bendito
Post Producers: Lula Meliche, Marina Pueyrredon, Juliana Cantarella, Carla Rey


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