Simian Adds CRM Integration to Boost Sales Outreach


Simian Users Can Now Manage and Monitor the Delivery of Sales Reels and Other Presentations Through Such Popular Platforms as Salesforce, Pipeline Deals, Highrise and Zoho.

Last Updated: May 6, 2014 4:26 pm GMT
(Laguna Niguel, California--May 6, 2014) Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management solutions, today announces native integration with most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms, including Salesforce, Pipeline Deals, Highrise and Zoho. The new integration allows Simian users to send a copy of their sales reels and other presentations directly to their CRM.

Sales representatives and other users can now manage the sales pipeline more effectively via the seamless integration of presentations and messages sent from Simian directly into their CRM's account history.

“Numerous clients have asked for CRM integration and whenever we can help our users improve the sales process, we’re all in,” says Simian COO Brian Atton. “Simian integrates seamlessly with CRM tools to form a powerful system for managing a company’s entire sales and marketing program.”

Now, when a Simian user sends a presentation to a contact listed in her CRM, a copy of the presentation is added the contact’s record, and the presentation link, title and message are applied to the activity history. If the contact does not exist, one is created or the information is added to a list of unresolved items, depending on the CRM platform. Additional information on CRM integration is available in the Simian Knowledge Base.

CRM integration is available free to all Simian users.

“Simian’s CRM integration helps sales professionals work smarter and more efficiently,” says Atton. “In an industry where timeliness is critical, we believe that this new capability provides our users with a significant competitive advantage.”

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