Butter Music And Sound Goes Airborne for Starburst


Last Updated: May 6, 2014 11:57 pm GMT
(New York, New York--May 6, 2014) Bicoastal music shop Butter Music and Sound CCO/Composer Andrew Sherman helps deliver fighter jet fruit juice flavor to a confection-loving lad in the comical new :30 “Tiny Jet” for Starburst out of DDB Chicago. Directed by Hungry Man’s Bryan Buckley, the spot features said lad describing to his coworker how tiny jets transport juice into the mouths of anyone eating a Starburst square. Sherman brought his love of 80s rock to compose the pulse-quickening tune, featuring vocals by Kyle Gordon.


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Says Butter Music and Sound Senior Producer Annick Mayer, “This was a really fun spot to work on. It was a great opportunity to let Andrew and our composers stretch their comedy legs.” Adds Andrew Sherman, “From my perspective, comedy is about taking it seriously, which meant composing a song that would play convincingly in an 80s action movie, and it was pretty easy for me to muster that genre of music as it was inseminated directly into my brain as an adolescent.”

“Tiny Jet” opens on the man cleaning up a catering job with his coworker, who eats a Starburst and questions, “How do they make Starbursts taste so juicy?” The man enthusiastically responds, “They use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juice into every Starburst.” We then see a tiny, fly-sized jet tear through a home over a kitchen and on into a living room where the jet finds the man about to eat a square. Just as he does, the jet shoots juice rockets onto the candy before turning hard to its right. We quickly see the hard turn was ill fated as a dog eats the tiny jet in one big bite. Cutting back to the man at his job, he says sadly, “It takes guts.” The Starburst logo and tag, “Unexplainable juicy,” close out the spot.

About Butter Music and Sound
Butter Music and Sound is a creative sonic collective committed to maximizing the impact and effectiveness of music and sound design for moving pictures and environments.

Client: Mars, Inc.
Product: Starburst
Title: “Tiny Jet,” :30
Airdate: currently airing

Agency: DDB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham
Executive Creative Director: Mark Gross
Associate CD (Art Director): Alex Zamiar
Associate CD (Copywriter): Jonathan Richman
VP, Executive Producer: Will St. Clair
Production Manager: Scott Terry
SVP, Global Business Director: Heather Malenshek
SVP, Group Account Director: Kate Christiansen
VP, Account Director: Gwen Hammes
Account Executive, Starburst: Tina Rosin
Account Manager, Starburst: Trace Schlenker

Production Company: Hungry Man, NY
Director: Bryan Buckley
Executive Producers: Kevin Byrne, Dan Duffy, Mini Jarjoura, Nancy Hacohen
Producer: Brady Vant Hull

Editorial: Cut & Run, Santa Monica
Editor: Jay Nelson
Producer: Remy Foxx

VFX: The Mill, L.A.
Head of 3D: John Leonti
Head of 2D: Phil Crowe
Producer: Christina Thompson

Music & Sound: Butter Music and Sound, NY
CCO/Composer: Andrew Sherman
EP: Ian Jeffreys
Senior Producer: Annick Mayer

Vocalist: Kyle Gordon


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