ICS Media Production Chooses Custom Consoles Module-R and Media Wall


Last Updated: May 7, 2014 4:25 pm GMT
(Chisinau, Moldova--May 7, 2014) ICS Media Production, one of Moldova's leading broadcast playout service-providers, has chosen Custom Consoles Module-R and Media Wall as part of a major expansion of its technical facilities. The new installation is located at the company's new headquarters in the Moldavian capital city, Chisinau. It consists of three production control areas and four fully automated master control areas.

"Custom Consoles' Module-R desks and Media Wall monitor display supports enabled us to specify all the furniture elements of this project from an industry-proven product range," comments ICS Media Production's general manager Sergiu Latis. "The new suites in which they are housed will be in practically constant use so robust construction, good ergonomics and easy access for equipment maintenance were essential requirements. Module-R and Media Wall have the further advantages of being attractive on the eye which is an obvious asset when existing or potential clients are shown around our facilities."

"The new installation includes a total of 10 Module-R desks and seven Media Walls." adds Mihai Moga who provided technical support services throughout the project.

All ten desks have Marmoleum work surfaces and are finished in oak veneer. They incorporate Ergotron computer-monitor arms which can be individually adjusted in vertical and lateral angle to match operator preferences.

Four of the desks and Media Walls are located in the master control room which is configured as two suites separated by a glass-walled room-divider. Each MCR desk is 4 metres in width and has floor-to-desktop storage at each end plus a central aluminium support leg and worktop-level equipment pods. Each desk is positioned in front of a 2.5 metre width single-span Media Wall supporting a multiviewer central display flanked by four subsidiary display panels.

A 6 metre wide Module-R desk is located in each of two news studios. Each desk faces a 5 metre wide dual-span Media Wall with three multiviewer displays plus a top row of eight monitor screens. The desk incorporates a Snell Kahuna vision switcher, seven 3U-high worktop-level tilted equipment pods and six adjustable-angle computer monitor displays. The rear desk accommodates a lighting console, camera control units. Additional production equipment including talkbacks and telephone hybrids is housed in seven 3U-high worktop-level tilted equipment pods. Four adjustable-angle monitor displays are mounted at the rear edge of this desk.

Four 6 metre wide desks and two 5 metre wide dual-bay Media Walls are housed in a separate production-studio control room. The desks are in the same front and back configuration as in the news studio and accommodate a similar combination of Kahuna vision switcher at front and lighting console plus camera control units at rear. These are designed for use by up to four operators at each front desk and six at each rear desk

Custom Consoles’ Module-R product range enables customers to specify robust, efficient and attractive control-room desks from a selection of standard interlocking elements. These include single-bay, dual-bay and triple-bay desk sections with front or rear access, work surfaces in matching widths, corner desk sections in 90 degree, 45 degree or 30 degree angles with integral worktops, a slide-out keyboard drawer, equipment pods with 3U, 6U or 8U capacity, a 19 inch storage pedestal and 27U equipment bay.

Media Wall is a robust and efficient multiscreen mounting system. The latest version features a series of enhancements including narrower front-to-back depth, reduced from 600 to 500 millimetres. Like its predecessor, the new Media Wall is fully self-supporting and retains the option of adding coupling brackets directly to the studio wall. Freely adjustable horizontal and vertical screen spacing allows individual display screens to be positioned so that their edges meet exactly. Cable management within Media Wall is now along ducts with finger-trunking slots.

Custom Consoles
Founded in 1996, Custom Consoles Ltd ( http://www.customconsoles.co.uk ) is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of project-specific and modular broadcast, process-control and security furniture. The product range includes motorised, manually-adjustable and fixed-height units plus fan-cooled sound-insulated equipment housings.

Custom Consoles operates from a 1,200 square metre UK-based production facility equipped with 3D computer-aided-design and computer-controlled cutting machinery. This provides the dual benefits of precise quality control and prompt delivery times, typically 21 days from receipt of order. The company's clients include broadcasters, production and post-production studios, governmental and corporate organisations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.


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