iPAD Remote Controller for Metus INGEST


Last Updated: May 8, 2014 3:57 pm GMT
(Houston, Texas--May 8, 2014) Metus INGEST Remote Controller is designed to be in perfect sync with iPad. With just a few taps on your iPad, you can control your media INGEST projects from anywhere and anytime. You can start, stop, or split files for all your INGEST channels with a simple interface. Now you can have complete INGEST control at your finger tips.

This easy to use application makes life easier for all Metus Ingest users. Play with your capture projects whenever and wherever you like.

About Metus
Metus is a leading developer of Media Asset Management (MAM) software solutions. The company is dedicated to offer the latest management tools to their customers who are involved with video, audio and images, aka Media Assets.

Metus software solutions are chosen and used in 71 countries all around the world with more than 600 clientele, as it produces cutting edge corporate management solutions for recording, archiving, editing and distributing video, audio and image contents that are customized and devoted to various industries including public agencies and private sector enterprises.

Metus is presenting media asset and content management solutions to any kind of corporations having large collections of video and other multimedia files. Already used in many fields such as broadcasting industry, government bodies, public agencies, holdings, educational institutions including universities, hospitals, fashion industry, army and police organizations, and many more; Metus software products continue to be indispensable and reliable part of the digitalizing life!


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