Cannes: IndustryWorks Pictures Takes International Rights to 'The Birder'


The Canadian Sales Agent will Start Shopping Theodore Bezaire’s Revenge Comedy Feature Film on The Croisette.

Last Updated: May 9, 2014 3:17 pm GMT
(Toronto, Canada--May 9, 2014) Vancouver/Cannes - Canadian distributor IndustryWorks has acquired the international rights to Theodore Bezaire's Sophomore Indie Comedy "THE BIRDER." This funny feature film is starring Tom Cavanagh ("Ed," "Scrubs"), Mark Rendall ("30 Days of Night"), Jamie Spilchuk ("Hard Rock Medical"), Tommie-Amber Pirie ("What If"), Academy Award Nominee Graham Greene ("Dances with Wolves," "The Green Mile") and Hollywood funny man Fred Willard ("Anchorman 1 & 2," "Best in Show").

Co-written by Theodore Bezaire & Mike Stasko and directed by Bezaire, THE BIRDER is a revenge-comedy set inside the world of bird watching. It's the story of Ron Spencer (Cavanagh), a mild mannered birder who seeks revenge on a younger rival (Spilchuk) after losing the highly coveted position of Head of Ornithology at the National Park.

Synopsis: Bird enthusiast and high school teacher Ron Spencer has seen his life fall down all around him. After being thrown out by his wife and with his daughter drifting away, Ron sees his dream job as Head of Ornithology at the National Park awarded to the younger, hipper Floyd Hawkins. Devastated, Ron unexpectedly bumps into Ben, a former student and the two quickly forge an unlikely friendship as they set out on a haphazard campaign to take Floyd down and restore Ron’s bird watching legacy.

IndustryWorks Pictures will introduce the hilarious film at The Marché Du Film in Cannes, France this May.

The film is produced by The Dot Film Company. IndustryWorks Pictures is releasing The Birder theatrically in select cities across North America

IndustryWorks Pictures is also handling U.S.A and Canada.

The deal for The Birder was negotiated by Caterina Scrivano for IndustryWorks Pictures and Gerry Lattmann of The Dot Film Company Inc.

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