Crystal Vision Fits 24 Channels of Embedding and De-Embedding In 2U


Last Updated: May 15, 2014 5:07 pm GMT
(Whittlesford, United Kingdom--May 15, 2014) New from Crystal Vision is TANDEM 320 – a dual channel audio embedder/de-embedder designed especially for engineers who require their embedding and de-embedding at a competitive price or who are short of rack space. TANDEM 320 works with two separate 3Gb/s, HD or SD video streams and provides economical embedding and de-embedding for one group of analogue audio or two groups of AES or Dolby E per channel, while allowing 24 channels to fit in 2U. TANDEM 320 is ideal for those working with multiple channels who require both embedding and de-embedding at the same time, or who want to buy just one device to embed or de-embed as required.

TANDEM 320 can be configured as a dual audio embedder, a dual audio de-embedder or a mixed audio embedder/de-embedder. It embeds and de-embeds external audio by fitting two audio piggybacks to the main board – with one piggyback used for each video channel. For analogue audio the 3G-AIP2 piggyback is used for embedding two stereo pairs or four mono channels and the 3G-AOP2 piggyback for de-embedding two stereo pairs or four mono channels. For those working with AES or Dolby E, the DIOP4 piggyback can embed or de-embed four stereo pairs, with the option of embedding or de-embedding each pair independently thanks to four bi-directional AES ports. Using these piggybacks one group of analogue audio or two groups of AES can be embedded or de-embedded on each video stream, while analogue and digital piggybacks can even be mixed to create a hybrid system – ideal for those using analogue microphones with digital audio mixers in the studio, for example.

TANDEM 320 includes flexible audio routing which allows the user to easily define which channels they wish to embed and de-embed. It will pass through and route up to four groups of internal audio on each video path, while audio from an input piggyback can be added to any group as additional audio or can overwrite existing audio. Short minimum delays for both the audio and video help prevent system lip-sync problems, while an adjustable audio delay of up to 400ms allows TANDEM 320 to compensate for system video delays.

TANDEM 320 includes full audio processing. The audio levels can be increased or decreased to match the rest of the system (with each gain control independently adjustable between +18dB and -18dB in 0.1 steps), or can be muted to silence. Each of the audio input channels can also be individually inverted, while stereo to mono conversion is available to help those broadcasting a multi-language service.

Explained Crystal Vision's Managing Director Philip Scofield: "TANDEM 320 is the latest in a long line of Crystal Vision embedded audio products that have continuously increased what can be achieved with limited space and budget. It provides straightforward embedding or de-embedding at a very low cost per channel."

Designed to save engineers rack space, TANDEM 320 is a 100mm x 266mm module which is housed in the standard frames – available in 2U, 1U and desk top box sizes – with up to 12 boards (24 channels) fitting in 2U. TANDEM 320 can be used with two different frame rear modules to access the inputs and outputs: the RM71 for 110 ohm AES or analogue audio applications and the RM72 for 75 ohm applications.

TANDEM 320 is very straightforward to operate, with control options including board edge switches, an integrated control panel on the AE frames, a remote control panel, GPIs, SNMP and Crystal Vision's PC software. Two GPI outputs may be assigned any number of 35 video and audio alarms, including video missing, video black, video frozen, Dolby E detected, missing input groups, and missing or silent AES channels.

One of two audio embedders/de-embedders in the current Crystal Vision range, TANDEM 320 is shipping now.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers and a full range of interface equipment including converters, synchronisers, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.


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