Central Films North Director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz Captures A Life Unlived For Expedia


Last Updated: May 20, 2014 2:37 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 20, 2014) Los Angeles-based Central Films North’s award-winning director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz delivers an affecting portrait of a Parisian love affair that never really happened in the new 1:40 “Paris” for Expedia out of Young and Rubicam Mexico. The spot features an elderly woman touring the City of Love, speaking as if she’s penning an amorous letter to the love of her life. We quickly come to find that she’s actually lamenting a trip to Paris that she never took. The spot is one of the first out of the newly formed Central Films North, the U.S. collaboration between Saiz and producer John Barreiro to serve the Stateside Hispanic market.

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“Paris” opens on the woman at a Parisian café saying in voiceover, “We met in that coffee shop. Do you remember? I looked at you and I liked you from the beginning… we ended up talking all night.” She says this as we see a younger man asking her for directions; is this a flashback to their meet-cute decades ago? “We saw each other constantly, although we lived in two different countries. It was hard, but we didn’t care. Finally, we decided to get married... we had two kids, six grandchildren... we grew old together,” she declares as she strolls the river Seine, walking past a kissing couple. She continues, “That’s why it’s so hard to let you go… because I lost you the moment I decided not to take that trip, nor to come to this city... I lost you when I cancelled my trip. I lost you because I NEVER met you.” We close a stunning Parisian vista and the super, “The trips you never made, you never will,” and then the Expedia Mexico logo and tag, “The power to create your trip.”

The Los Angeles-based shop Central Films North will serve as an expansion of Saiz’s Mexico production company, Central Films, and will focus on multi-cultural and Hispanic advertising. Upcoming work out of Central Films North includes a shocking PSA bringing attention to psychological violence.

About Central Films North
Central Films North is a full service commercial production company with partners in Mexico, South America and Europe. There is always something going on at Central Films North.

París - Expedia from [Central Films] on Vimeo.

Title: “Paris,” 1:40
Agency: Young and Rubicam Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Jose Manuel Montalvo
Creative Directors: Agustin Velez, Mario Vivanco
Copywriter: Mario Vivanco 

Art Director: Franciso Hernandez 

Agency Producer: Bernardo Salum

Production Company:
Central Films North, Los Angeles
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
Executive Producer: John Barreiro
Executive Producer: Mauricio Francini
Cinematographer: Angel Iguacel
Editor: Leonel Perez
Music: Ramiro del Real
Central Films


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