New Color Correction Home Study featuring DaVinci Resolve


Last Updated: May 22, 2014 9:22 pm GMT
(New York City, New York--May 22, 2014) is proud to announce the launch of it's newest color correction Home Study Course, "Remastering 'Mother Died', featuring DaVinci Resolve. It's step-by-step, shot-by-shot color correction instruction, led by a professional colorist.

It's a three-step Home Study:

Step 1: Get functional on DaVinci Resolve, quickly - so you can move on to doing real work, confidently.

Step 2: Drill the Resolve interface training by developing your color grading muscle memory with the provided downloadable real-life project that replicates a real-world color grading job.

Step 3: Helps you answer the question, "Am I doing this correctly?" by encouraging you to send your DaVinci Resolve project files to your instructor for a personal video evaluation... providing the kind of feedback a Senior Colorist would provide to a Junior.

Members can download the entire short film used in the video instruction: It's a wonderfully twisted post-apocalyptic coming-of-age story shot entirely on a RED Epic. Home Study members can:
  • Download the camera-original REDCode footage (5:1, 5k)

  • Grade-Along with your instructor, literally shot-by-shot

  • Get your creative instruction from the director of the short film, Neill Gorton (founder of the London creature shot, MilleniumFX)

  • Optional workflows include integrating: the OpenFX plugins FilmConvert and Sapphire; the Quicktime special effects libraries Indie Essentials and Cinegrain; the external scopes software ScopeBox; and the useful utility Resolve Collect

  • An additional half-dozen bonus videos from the color correction website

  • Includes over $350 in discounts on 3rd party products supporting the DaVinci Resolve workflow

This color correction Home Study is appreciatively sponsored by color grading reference display manufacturer Flanders Scientific. The short film 'Mother Died' was produced by and licensed from

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