CHRLX Beauty Swings Through the Seasons with Ralph Lauren Golf and Luke Donald


Last Updated: May 27, 2014 10:56 pm GMT
(New York, United States--May 27, 2014) In the latest film from the company’s CHRLX Beauty division, designed to bolster "Ralph Lauren’s RLX Golf" online and in-store presence, Luke Donald practices his swing ritual through a myriad of weather conditions, battling the elements in the latest RLX Golf collection.

According to CHRLX Beauty EP Corey Budro, “The film was a chance for us to tackle simple, honest photography with minimal post-effects and retouch. We liked the fact that this was a little different from our past projects.”

“We were very fortunate to have such a supportive client,” said CHRLX Director and ECD Ryan Dunn. “The [Ralph Lauren] team reached out with a very ambitious concept that resonated with us as an opportunity to work as an artistic collective to put this production together.”

The CHRLX Beauty collective includes, among others, cinematographer Pete Konczal, who was brought on board to film the sequence with Dunn. The pair have collaborated on more than a dozen projects, and this close association, combined with Konczal’s expertise in the world of beauty and fashion, became integral ingredients to the creative recipe for the project.

“It was an interesting challenge,” said Konczal. “We had to find a way to show the change of seasons in a predominantly dark world. Sun, wind and rain played their part, so we focused on creating lighting shifts and rigging practical FX to tell the story.”

“It was everything you could have asked for in a project,” says Dunn, “a great brand, a professional golfer, high-speed photography, snow machines, rain bars, hazers, practical sod flown in from South Carolina, great photography, slick editorial, great music, and most of all a supportive client who pushed us to make the film better every step of the way.”

RLX Golf “Luke Donald” (Director’s Cut) from CHRLX BEAUTY on Vimeo.

Project Credits
Client: Ralph Lauren / RLX Golf
Spot Title: “Luke Donald: In the Zone”
First Air Date: April 30, 2014 (Online & In-Store)

Production Company: CHRLX Beauty
Creative Director: Ryan Dunn
Director of Photography: Pete Konczal
Editor: John Resner
Colorist: Damien Vandercruyssen, CO3
Compositor: Philana Dias
Music Composer: Ian Love
Sound Mixer: Mike Jansson
Live-Action Producer: Brian Song
Executive Producer: Corey Budro

RLX Golf “Luke Donald” (Director’s Cut) from CHRLX BEAUTY on Vimeo.


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