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Last Updated: May 29, 2014 4:44 am GMT
(Barcelona, Spain--May 29, 2014) Cinemartin, the European team producer of the acclaimed Cinemartin Cinec video converter and the Plin Plugin for Adobe Premiere that accept and enables almost any video input to be export /converted to Prores and H.265 on Windows, now announces the release of Hoid, the first media & video player for android powered devices (smartphones, tablets & htpc’s) supporting HEVC H.265, Apple Prores and MXF videos.


Hoid is the first app. for Android that allows you to play files encoded in the new High Efficiency Video Coding format. It has been optimized for snapdragon 800, 801 and 805 series and latest Intel Atoms processors for Mobile, but it is compatible with older CPU/GPU models, supporting all Android devices from v3.0. IPhone and Windows Mobile versions are planned for later this year / fall 2014.

Hoid is a professional media and video player focused on high quality playbacks along with max. compatibility with all kind of video, multimedia and photo/graphics files.

Playback decoder capabilities allows playing videos in any container like mkv or mp4, mov, mts, etc .. with exceptional compressed / quality ratios like the ones produced by Cinec 3.X for a 20MB to 1MB file (from smartphone snapdragon video to h265) or from 219 MB to 2MB (h264 to h265),and even from 3.4GB to 2MB (SRMaster to h265) files. All of this using a h265 encoder like Cinec 3.X from Cinemartin

This cinema video player also features Apple Prores capable decoding, featuring Prores playback up to 4:2:2 and 10 bit, and almost any media capable format of these times. Hoid is now available for all Android versions from 3.0 and spots support for playing MXF files including Sony XAVC & XAVCs AVC videos, and sony­panasonic­jvc­canon AVCHD implementations.

Hoid supports the following video format/containers, including but not limited to: avi, mov, mxf, mkv, mp4, mkv, wmv, wma, mpeg, mpg, flv, mp4, mp3, m4v, ts (transport stream), 3gp, ..

H.265 playback has been developed with enhancements of last processors instructions from intel SSE, TBB, Yasm and SIMD extensions as long as Snapdragon Krait 400+ / Adreno 330 GPU dynamic multithreading and expanded multimedia instructions, Open GL & Open CL.

Intel said last year that mkv playing is not supported on Android**, but now Cinemartin has been capable of developing Hoid supporting MKV and H.265 on MKV Containers besides Mp4, and Hevc and Aac (for video & audio or video only & audio only).

Hoid has been developed using an advanced programming arquitecture design based on multi­library­layers. Supporting Android API number 11 and above, this means you can use the video player for android from almost any Android powered device.

Movies, clips, videos, cooking, uploading, downloading, sending, receiving, sharing, playing, and now as never, with ridiculous file sizes with high quality, Cinemartin Hoid embraces the worldwide limitations imposed by phone companies and provide users a way to share, upload, download and play high quality videos without the file size restrictions found until the arrival of H.264 and H.265.

Cinemartin is also planning a future HEVC H265 encoder for smartphones / tablets, by inheriting the features of its popular Cinec 3.X, that will allow smartphone and tablet devices to compress / encode / convert video recordings (directly from camera or from files) to H.265 videos, at a super small size with unnoticeable visual quality differences compared to originals. This will allow people masive share, sending and uploading of mobile video recordings.

H.265 videos produced with Cinemartin Cinec are about 10 to 0.5% weight of the original size, with almost the same quality at normal screens, and not perceptible differences on small to medium size displays (more info). Until the release of the android android H.265 converter encoder; professionals, cinematographers, vfx, post­production companies and more, can encode / convert to HEVC H.265 using Cinemartin Cinec, of which last version (3.X) produces *.hevc and *.mp4 H.265 videos compatible for playback in Android devices with Cinemartin Hoid. See

Qualcomm recently announced advanced hardware support for H.265 decoding with its pending to release upcoming 805 processor, and Cinemartin, got samples to develop Hoid for, enabling playback for both upcoming and current generation of android devices. This means you can playback H.265 on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Nexus 7 and more including latest Android tablets.

SAMPLE TESTS : Folliowing are some samples ready for download and play with Hoid. Original Prores 4444 1080p24 21’ 619MB:
Output Encoded to H.265 using 3rd party desktop app in MKV container, 1080p24 21’ 7 MB
Output Encoded to H.265 using Cinec 3.X desktop app in MP4 container, 1080p24 21’ 1,76 MB
Mercedes Benz Making of CLS63 recorded with Sony F65 3840x2160p25 ‘10 RAWSRMASTER 3.84GB
Mercedes Benz Making of CLS63 recorded with Sony F65 3840x2160p25 ‘10 H.264 119 MB
Mercedes Benz Making of CLS63 recorded with Sony F65 3840x2160p25 ‘10 Cinec 3.X H.265 1.52 MB
Original 5.4K (beyond 4K) video 5428x2900p24 ‘10 4.7GB 5.4K Video encoded to H.265 using dev. / preview next release of Cinec, the first to support H265 up to 8K 12 MB

NOTE: For Android playback of 4K you need HOID PRO or GOLD with Snapdragon 800+ recommended. For Android playback of +4K (5.4K sample and beyond 4K videos) you need HOID GOLD.

You can watch a video showing a hands on Hoid playing a h.265 video along with a comparison between h.264 and h.265 here:

and here (reduced):

Cinemartin Hoid is expected to be available in 3 variants, including the Pro that now is available at Play market, and the gold version, featuring 4k and beyond 4K respectively along with advanced formats / codecs support. Soon will be released a basic variant supporting playback of videos up to 1080.

Available in English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japan and Russian languages.,Cinemartin Hoid Pro is now available via official website at and for download via play market at

*Hoid, as of 1 of June, 2014 is the first video & media player available for Android devices from 3.0+, released, that supports and it is able to play hevc h.265 files in .hevc or .mp4 / mkv extension files, supporting also playback of Apple Prores files and clips in mxf containers. **­us/articles/optimizing­h265hevc­decoder­on­intel­atom­processor­based­platforms


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