Over 3.5 Million Stock Footage Screening Clips Now Accessible Through Footage.net


Footage.net’s Stock Footage Search and Screening Platform Now Includes Over 3.5 Million Screenable Stock Footage Clips and Over Ten Million Records from Many of The World’s Top Footage Archives.

Last Updated: May 29, 2014 6:17 pm GMT
(New York, United States--May 29, 2014) Footage.net (http://www.footage.net) announced today that over 3.5 million preview clips from over forty top footage collections are now available for discovery through its stock footage search and screening platform.

“We're very pleased to have reached this milestone,” said David Seevers, Footage.net Chief Marketing Officer. “Our goal at Footage.net is to make the world’s great footage collections easily searchable from a single site. With the recent additions of ITN Source and AP Archive, we’ve not only added two of the world’s most important footage collections to our platform, but also increased our total inventory of stock footage content to record levels.”

In addition to providing access to a huge volume of screening clips, the Footage.net database also includes over ten million text records, giving users access to an enormous volume of deep, historically rich moving image content.

“There’s an abundance of amazing footage on the market today, much of which has yet to be digitized and made available for visual search,” said Seevers. “So text-based discovery is still the first critical step along the path to accessing this material.”

About Footage.net
Footage.net is the world’s premier online resource for stock footage research. Since 1994, Footage.net has focused on meeting the needs of both footage users and footage providers. Today, Footage.net remains committed to helping users find the best footage as quickly and easily as possible; generating new leads and licensing opportunities for our member archives; and strengthening the footage licensing industry as a whole. Our dedicated footage search engine makes it easy for creative professionals to search 40 world-class footage collections simultaneously and view over 3.5 million clips, many of which are available for download. Our Global Search partners include some of the best-known companies in the stock footage industry, including AP Archive, Getty Images, ITN Source, FootageBank, Framepool, Historic Films and NBC News Archives, as well as some exciting new specialist collections, such as Skyworks, Critical Past and Celebrity Footage. Footage.net is also home to the Zap Email, used every day by creative professionals to send footage requests instantly to over 50 top footage providers.


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