MPC Creative Directs an Imaginative Dream World for RE/MAX


Last Updated: May 31, 2014 11:55 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 31, 2014) Leo Burnett approached MPC Creative to produce, direct, and develop the visual effects for an all-new RE/MAX advertising campaign. Taking advantage of all pre-production, production and VFX disciplines under one roof, MPC LA’s in-house talent, directors Dan Marsh and Paul O’Shea, led the creation of the spectacular campaign illustrating how our dreams and reality coincide with a little guidance from the global real-estate franchisor.

The campaign, which is comprised of a 60-second commercial and a series of 15-second spots, contains a seamless blend of inspired live-action and meticulously crafted visual effects. From idyllic homes perfectly paired with every amenity to the potential blunders that arise in home buying, the stunning campaign takes a couple on an aspirational journey that encourages viewers to “dream with your eyes open.”

“We are all storytellers first and foremost, and loved working so closely with the agency team to build out their idea,” notes Marsh. “We shared a similar vision for the aesthetic and wanted to keep our dream world grounded in reality with nods to the surreal. We are honored to be a part of the RE/MAX team and visually articulate their new brand message.”

To keep that aesthetic, Marsh, O’Shea, and the VFX team carefully planned out which aspects of the story would be covered in camera, and which would be augmented with VFX. The crew whipped real trees up into the air at the swing of a lever, plowed up faux concrete with mini tractors to reveal a manicured park, and ripped through the wall of a house as if it were paper.

“We ensured the scenes had some delightful and whimsical details,” adds O’Shea. "This vignette style campaign lends itself to creative collaboration, and we were constantly challenged to go further. We had to solve new problems throughout the process on all five spots while maintaining aesthetic continuity. The result is something we’re all proud of.”

VFX Detail
With five spots to shoot in New Zealand, the VFX team focused heavily on capturing every detail of the live action scenes with still and moving picture elements. Home exteriors were shot on location, while sets were built on stage for the interiors.

“As the spots are deeply rooted in live-action, the pressure was on to blend photorealistic VFX elements into the beautifully shot dream world. The simpler the objects, the more challenging it was to make them look real,” says VFX Supervisor Ross Denner.

Digital matte paintings, carefully conceived 2D elements, and photorealistic CG filled out and enhanced the dream world in post while staying firmly grounded in the practical reality of the location photography. Tying the story together, seamless VFX were integrated including an animated train, CGI classroom, and architectural elements. Sky replacements and additional beauty work took each scene to the next level.

Colorists Mark Gethin and Derek Hansen put the finishing touches on the spots, grading the rich images with a surreal dream quality and tone, instilling a vibrantly lavish reality.

DREAMS for RE/MAX: MPC Creative Directs an Imaginative Dream World for RE/MAX

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