Blueshape to Introduce a New Pro Battery System for Phantom Flex4K Digital Cinema Camera at Cine Gear LA


Last Updated: May 30, 2014 4:13 pm GMT
(Reggio Emilia, Italy--May 30, 2014) Leading battery technology company BLUESHAPE will introduce their new Pro Battery system for the new Phantom Flex4k® high speed digital cinema camera at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles.

The new BLUESHAPE Phantom Flex4K adapter plate off camera and installed as part of the battery system at the rear of the new Phantom Flex4k digital cinema camera

Pietro Vignali, CEO of BLUESHAPE, said “We are proud to introduce our V-plate adapter MVPHF for the Phantom Flex4K. This precision product has been specifically designed to mount sturdily to the camera rear and to perfectly withstand the high power demands of this leading technology camera, providing an interface to our range of high power batteries. Our V-plate has been thoroughly tested and approved by Vision Research themselves during trials conducted earlier this year. The plate is easily fitted to the camera by just 4 screws.”

"The high current demand of this camera requires batteries capable of operating continuously at over 130W. Only batteries like our GRANITE HD series are capable of offering such a performance over their lifetime. The higher drain of our GRANITE batteries such as BV270HD, BV190HD and BV100HD are perfectly matched mechanically and electrically for this camera and this battery adapter."

Toni Lucatorto, Cinema Product Manager at Vision Research said "For the Phantom Flex4K to achieve its exceptional performance it requires a constant supply of high current from the connected battery, so the performance of the battery adapter plate and battery will be need to be exceptional too. During the testing that we carried out other VPlates failed due to arcing caused by the high current discharge with resulting damage to the battery contacts. BLUESHAPE has designed and manufactured a battery plate to accommodate these demands and the result is extremely high quality and something we can all be proud of. I am excited about this new BLUESHAPE adapter and recommend it in combination with their high performance batteries for our new Phantom Flex4k camera."

See BLUESHAPE on their booth 98B at Cine Gear LA Expo, The Studios at Paramount, Hollywood, CA, June 6-8 2014.


BLUESHAPE was launched internationally in 2004. The initial product range simply consisted of battery products, the company already having several years of experience and ISO 9001 certification in battery design, concepts and assembly.

BLUESHAPE is a native European brand with its base in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Following an encouragingly good international acclamation, the company management ventured in further investments to produce other useful broadcast products ranging from chargers to accessories such as camera mounting plates and innovative software systems for battery monitoring and testing.

The mission of the company is to provide end-users with a selection of products that never fail to reach or exceed the expected levels in terms of quality performance and lifetime. BLUESHAPE engineers are continually studying cameramen requirements in order to further improve the merits and efficacy of the existing product range and contemporarily, design new ones to better cater for their needs.

Today, BLUESHAPE manufactures some of the best performing V-lock batteries and some of the fastest chargers available.

BLUESHAPE’s obsession is to pack higher value and innovative features within its products. The product range is steadily on the increase with new cutting edge products introduced on a regular basis.

A worldwide dealer network controls the presence and availability of BLUESHAPE products in all continents.

In future years, it is expected that the company will continue to expand and diffuse further into more countries world wide, as the demand, popularity and reputation of its products continues to increase.

BLUESHAPE is rapidly becoming a familiar name in the name in the world of professional broadcast and cinema production.


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